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New job posting webpage available to ACI students and alumni only 

You’ve taken the course, passed your certification exam, and now you’re ready for the next step — finding an IT job. The thought of taking hours to seek out job postings and submitting hundreds of applications can be intimidating.   

As an ACI Learning student or alumni, it’s easier than ever to find the career that suits you. The Career Services team has always been able to help you access job postings from ACI Learning’s employer partners, but now there is a special website dedicated to it. And it’s exclusively available to ACI students and alumni so you’re the first to learn about amazing opportunities.  

Alumni can get ahead of the competition in the job market by utilizing ACI Learning’s employer partner network and this private job posting site to find a career that they’re excited about. -Kandi Brown, ACI Learning’s Career Services Manager  

Upload once & apply to any job  

Going from one job posting to the next to apply individually to each job can be agonizing. With the exclusive ACI job site, you’ll upload your resume once to apply for multiple positions. Job postings will now all be in one centralized place. This allows you, as an ACI student or alumni, to browse job postings with ease to determine which jobs are a fit. You can filter out your specific wants and needs such as remote jobs or jobs in your local area.   

A look at the ACI Learning Job Board with exclusive job listings.

Get access now 

Ready to look for your first job or your next job? The ACI Learning brand means a lot to employers and they are excited to meet you. If you are a current ACI Learning student or an alumni, your Employment Development Manager will give you access to the site so you can start your search. Get in touch today to experience the ease of use and convenience of the job search process and to see all of the opportunities available to you. 

How can you become an ACI Learning student? 

ACI Learning Hubs are designed to support you on your journey to the next phase of your career. Whether you’re looking to start or advance a career in IT or cybersecurity, chose ACI Learning for the training and one-on-one support you need. As you train for certifications, you can meet with an instructor mentor to form a study plan. When classes are complete, you’ll have help and guidance from an Employment Development Manager on the Career Services team. Get started today! 

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What brought me to ACI was their certification program. What sold me on them was their relationship with the VA and their VET Tech program ... Absolutely, I'd recommend ACI Learning!
Jeff WhaleyProduct Support Technician

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