How Veterans Can Transition into an IT Career

Transitioning into an IT Career for Veterans

For most veterans, transitioning back into civilian life is an emotional experience. From excitement over regaining control over their lives to nervousness about paying their bills to sadness over learning service behind them, stepping outside of military life can bring about conflicting feelings. 

It can also be a time when every decision feels monumental. For many, it’s a chance to reinvent themselves and figure out what they want to do in their civilian lives. It is a situation that many people face: the U.S. Department of Labor reported that over 200,000 military service members transition into the civilian workforce each year. 

IT, in many ways, is the perfect transition for veterans. The training and experience military personnel receive fit perfectly with the needs and demands of a career in technology. Plus, it is a lucrative and in-demand career for those concerned about paying the bills after the military. 

Here is what you need to know about transitioning from the military to a career in IT, including considerations you should take, funding and career options, and choosing the right education. 

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