Top 3 In-Demand Tech Jobs in 2022

Learn these skills to be in-demand this year and beyond 

The rapid growth of technology in businesses is driving the need for more professionals with technical skill sets. Many organizations are struggling to keep pace with technology, creating a skills gap for many job roles. This blog will lay out the most in-demand jobs for this year and the skillsets needed to obtain them.  

Growth Factors  

The demand for more skillsets and jobs in the tech community will continue to grow in the coming years because of the following factors. One factor is the world’s growing digital economy. As things like IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning become more of a part of everyone’s day-to-day life, participation in this digital economy becomes critical.   

Another factor is the growth of IoT. IoT technology is expanding and it seems as if every device is connected to the internet today. For each one of these devices, there is a need for individuals to help with development, application, and security.   

Lastly, the prevalence of electronic data is a major growth factor contributing to the need for technology computing skillsets. The reliance on technology to communicate sensitive and confidential data means there is a need for more security to keep that information safe.   

In-demand jobs and skillsets  

By understanding industry trends, you can predict what skills will be in demand in 2022 and beyond. Set your sights on developing these skills and earning certifications to become an in-demand job candidate in 2022. This can help you gain better job security, benefits, and pay.   

Cloud Computing  

Cloud computing is becoming a necessity for organizations to adopt. Job roles in cloud computing include Cloud Administrator, Cloud Practitioner, Cloud Specialist, and more. These roles are typically in charge of deploying, managing, and supporting cloud applications. The average salary range for these job roles is between $70,000 - $170,000 according to Glassdoor.  

When looking into cloud careers, you may want to pick a specific platform to specialize in. The three most widely used cloud platforms include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). You can earn certifications that are specific to each of these.   

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Organizations now put an extraordinary amount of data online in hopes that it will be kept secure. The more devices and software that an organization uses, the more opportunities for vulnerabilities to hackers. That’s why there is such a dire need for individuals with cybersecurity skills across the world.   

In the cyber security space, there are many roles to choose from including Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Security Engineer, Information Security Analyst, Penetration Tester, and more. The average salary range for the roles above is $62,000 - $160,000 according to Glassdoor

A recommended certification for aspiring security professionals is CompTIA Security+. It is a vendor-neutral certification and is globally recognized as a benchmark for security best practices.   

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Software Developer/ Web Developer   

All of these platforms and technologies require someone to create and maintain them. Software and web developers are responsible for designing, developing, installing, testing, and maintaining systems. Their skillset includes coding for websites, applications, and mobile apps. The average salary range for these roles is $73,000-160,000 annually according to Glassdoor.   

To get started as a developer, you’ll need to learn a programming language. Some of the most widely used languages are JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, C, and C++. To learn these, you can earn certifications in programming languages, attend a coding boot camp, or earn a relevant bachelor's degree.   

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