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Compliance Administrative Specialist - Remote
Full Time
San antonio, TX USA

At ACI Learning, we are creating a community of individuals empowered to pursue careers they love, by offering training and certification programs on the most relevant and in-demand skills for the foreseeable future – including network administration, desktop and technical support, database administration, software development, project management, and service management, and cyber security.

ACI’s mission is to empower career changes and Military Veterans with critical, job-ready IT skills, and assist them in securing thriving careers in technology or project management within weeks rather than months or years. ACI’s number one goal is to help secure rewarding employment in the IT field for 100% of the career changers, Military Veterans, and Military Service Members who earn skills or certifications through  IT Training programs.


The Role: Compliance Administrative Specialist

This position is key to advancing ACI’s strategy, training, processes, and best practices around Compliance and to making sure we are keeping accurate and complete records.  We define compliance as the action of complying with State, City, and VA rules and regulations pertaining to occupational schools. In this role, you will be responsible for auditing enrollments for accuracy, ensuring the accuracy of student audit reports, assisting in any and all compliance matters, providing accurate and prompt Frontline training, and any other job duties that may fall under your purview.  This position has an emphasis on Quality Assurance and VA Compliance Support.

  1. Global Strategy: Work in collaboration with Compliance to implement compliance strategy that supports growth. Assist with supporting enrollments and reporting.
  2. Quality Assurance:
    1. Report Monitoring: You will monitor the incoming paperwork reports and follow up with the campuses for missing documents and periodically check attendance through the week to ensure there are no issues with the process.  You will assist the Compliance department with reviewing reports and ensure all information is accurate.
    2. Enrollment Process Monitoring: You will assist with all incoming paperwork submitted to Newregs for accuracy and compliance, and ensure the student is confirmed in the correct classes before submitting it to Finance.   You will communicate with Compliance and the Campus Directors when there are paperwork issues to be addressed and ensure that all checklists are complete before final processing.  The end goal is to have audit-ready and complete records attached to the student file before students attend classes.
  3. Audits: Assist with VA Audit support as needed by gathering records and checking for accuracy.
  4. Reporting:
    1. Check attendance and enter Post-911 entries into VA ONCE weekly.  If the student has not met attendance, inform student’s CTC/Campus Director.
    2. Audit terms and complete terminations once a student has completed their program.  All students should be checked monthly.
  5. Student Support: You will respond in a timely manner to student questions pertaining to VA certifications and assist with any VA issues that arise, escalating when necessary.
  6. Outcomes: You will assist in ensuring that each campus meets or exceeds the following for each program:
    1. VA- entries will be prompt and error-free
    2. Student Lifecycle reports for graduation, completion, certification, and employment.
    3. SalesForce paperwork in each student file is complete and error-free
    4. ACI Learning is 100% compliant with any and all agencies as an occupational school.


Benefits of Working at ACI Learning 

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance – eligible 1st of the month after date of hire. 
  • Paid vacation, sick time, and eight paid Holidays with two floating Holidays. 
  • 401(k) retirement plan, 100% immediate vesting and up to 5% matching contributions. 
  • One free company class per year after 90 days of employment. 
  • Tuition assistance. 
  • Salary range: $45,000-50,000, based on experience.



We are committed to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and strive to ensure that it is interwoven into the fabric of our organization. We support and nourish an inclusive and welcoming environment for employees from diverse backgrounds.

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