Audit continuing professional education

Retain and upskill your talent with NASBA-approved audit CPE

Cutting edge audit training to future-proof your business and keep your team compliant.
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Internal Audit School
Skills for success

Choose the audit training delivery method that best suits your learning style

Whether you need to earn audit CPE or are just looking to build you or your team’s audit knowledge, we have the courses and modality that is right for you. 
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Private instructor-led audit training

  • Experience Audit training with your team in a private bootcamp.
  • Choose from internal and IT audit, risk management, compliance and fraud topics
  • NASBA-approved audit instructor-led training content helps fulfill your audit team’s CPE requirements
  • Flexible scheduling that meet’s your needs — you decide.
  • Your team will learn from the most passionate and best subject matter experts who are certified

Private bootcamp
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Video on-demand audit CPE training

  • Modernize the way you learn and earn audit CPE with NASBA-approved courses.
  • Engaging video training delivered in a two-person format
  • Integrated assessments and downloadable episodes for offline viewing
  • Broad library of Internal and IT audit, risk management, compliance and fraud courses
  • Learn at your own pace with over 620 hours of training

upskill, reskill and retain

Grow your team’s audit knowledge.

ACI can help you enhance your team’s career growth by arming your team with the skills and knowledge to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving Internal and IT Audit, Risk Management, Compliance and Fraud world. Help your team stand out among their peers and thrive in their audit career.
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Learning is a journey, not a destination. As the amount and speed of change increases, it creates risks and opportunities. Our ability to help others and advance in our careers depends on us becoming lifelong learners.
Dr. Hernan Murdock
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Webinars, blog, podcasts and articles

Audit resources to keep you ahead of the pack

Curated and created by audit subject matter experts, our audit content library provides market insights to keep you aware and ahead.
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Choose the learning style that works best for your Audit team.
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Modern Audit and Information Security skills have a short shelf life. How do you ensure your enterprise's people, processes, and tools are future-proof? Let us help. Fill out this form, and we'll help you craft the best training solutions for your organization.
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