Securing and Auditing Your Network Infrastructure HANDS-ON - ASG231


This course provides key information about accessibility to modern business applications and networks. It includes key topics like firewalls, WAN and LAN configurations, ports configurations, proxy servers, VPN, and wireless infrastructure. Audit programs are prepared throughout so students practice the concepts learned and return to their organizations prepared to perform a review.


Tuition cost


NASBA Certified CPE

40 Credits


Why you should attend

You should attend because the threats and risks affecting organizational networks increase daily, and auditors and practitioners must implement effective controls and verify they operate as intended.

Who should attend

Internal and external IT auditors performing general controls audits of internal and/or external network security. IT Security and compliance professionals needing to perform technical network security audits and risk assessments.

What You'll learn

You will learn network security essentials, wireless networks, cybersecurity risks and how to identify and test network security controls.


  • Intermediate IT Audit (ITG241)
  • Network Security Essentials (ASG203)
  • CISA or equivalent knowledge of or experience in the area of networking fundamentals

Network Security and Audit Essentials:

  • getting a handle on network terminology
  • locating key network cybersecurity control points
  • major risks to network cybersecurity
  • overview of network communications standards and protocols
  • open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model
  • transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP)
  • network addressing fundamentals
  • leveraging network utilities and services as audit tools

Protecting Physical/Media Network Access:

  • common network transmission media: copper wire, fiber optics, wireless
  • common LAN topologies
  • WAN and internet connections
  • network access control (NAC) and user authentication security
  • WAN network service operation and security
  • threats, safeguards, and audit procedures for media access security

Securing and Auditing Wireless Networks:

  • wireless network technologies and standards
  • wireless network architectures and control points
  • risks to wireless networks
  • wireless security controls
  • discovery and audit procedures for wireless networks

Managing Network Application Services Cybersecurity Risks:

  • client/server architectures and middleware–foundation for TCP/IP application services
  • software-based network host security
  • TCP/IP applications (ports), associated risks, and safeguards
  • ICMP protocol applications, risks, and safeguards
  • host-based and network-based tools for locating and assessing active network services security
  • developing a TCP/IP application risk analysis and management methodology

Securing and Auditing Enterprise Network Address Management and Directory Services:

  • IP address management with dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP)
  • domain name system (DNS): “Brains” of TCP/IP networking
  • tools and techniques for auditing address management and directory services servers

Network Appliances: Functionality, Management, Security and Audit:

  • positioning network interconnection devices in OSI reference model
  • network domains and segmentation
  • network routing
  • network device maintenance/management port access security
  • simple network management protocol (SNMP)
  • networked printers, print servers, and multi-function office devices
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • network device audit tools and techniques

Securing and Auditing DMZ Networks:

  • risks to Internet and other public facing network connections
  • identifying DMZ cybersecurity control points
  • auditing network firewalls and router access control lists
  • proxy servers
  • virtual private networks (VPN) and secure session protocols
  • DMZ audit planning

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Timezone: America/Chicago

July 2021

Jul 19th, 2021-Jul 23rd, 2021

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