Ventra Health: Hiring ACI Learning grads is a ‘win-win’

Ventra Health is focused on revenue cycle management for hospital-based physician specialties to meet the evolving needs of physician groups, hospitals, and health systems. The company was formed when three organizations joined together in mid-2021.  

Ventra is on a strong growth track, and its office in Jacksonville, Florida is always looking for talented IT staff.  

When Steve Giovanni, CTO of Ventra Health, met representatives from the ACI Learning Hub in Jacksonville at a community event, he was immediately intrigued by the organization. As someone who is actively hiring in for IT positions in the Jacksonville area, he knows that the labor market is tight and qualified candidates aren’t on the market for long. 

ACI Learning is equipping students with ITIL® fundamentals, security, and network fundamentals that are really helpful to me as an employer,” he said. 

Ventra became part of the ACI Learning Employer Partner Program where companies can get special access to ACI Learning graduates. The ACI Learning students utilize the Career Services team at their Learning Hub to perfect their LinkedIn profile, create a resume, pen a cover letter, and more. The Career Services team helps graduates prepare to engage with local employers like Ventra Health. 

Ventra particularly looks for candidates coming out of the military. 

”I think it’s awesome that ACI Learning is helping our former service members find gainful employment and earn certifications and the requisite knowledge for the career space,” he said. “There is a certain level of maturity and responsibility that comes from individuals coming out of ACI. “ 

Now Ventra Health has access to the talent coming out of the ACI Learning Hub right in their own backyard. 

“We have a direct pipeline of qualified, excellent candidates right at our fingertips that we never had before,” he said. 

“ACI Learning is our number one partner and our number one choice when trying to fill open positions,” he said. “It’s a win-win.” 

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