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Third-Party Risk and Relationships Management
Does your business have vendors and suppliers? Then you’ve got risk. Most organizations are increasingly relying on goods and services provided by third parties to operate. In this webinar, we will examine the process of assessing third-party risks and share effective practices to mitigate those risks.
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Agile Audit Risk Assessments: Partnering with Business to Add Value
In this webinar, Linh Truong, Chief Audit Executive who has implemented agile auditing at both small and large organizations, will walk you through how to conduct an audit risk assessment in partnership with business owners.
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How to Curb Fraud Risks Using Data Analytics
Data analytics is an under-utilized tool in fraud detection. Leveraging both financial and non-financial information is vital to prevent fraud, but there are common challenges in collecting the data. In this webinar, Jamal Ahmad, Esq., CPA, CFE will discuss how to incorporate data analytics to prevent and minimize fraud risk.
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