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ACI Learning Launches Proprietary AI-Powered Skills Gap Analysis Tool
Organizations can use the ‘Insights’ tool to continuously identify knowledge gaps and provide the right type of training bundles when team members need it across audit, cybersecurity and IT.
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ACI Learning Unveils CyberSkills Training for Enterprises' Non-IT Professionals
ACI Learning, the audit, cybersecurity and IT training leader, today launched CyberSkills, a cybersecurity awareness training platform for all employees that covers everything from password security, phishing scams, malware prevention and network safety. CyberSkills is the latest in an expansive suite of audit, cybersecurity and IT training solutions known for being fun, engaging, and easy-to-follow, keeping employees motivated and attentive throughout the learning process.
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ACI Learning Hubs Offers Teaching Assistant Program - Earn While You Learn!
Those hoping to get hired as an instructor at ACI Learning can now get on the fast track under a new Teaching Assistant (TA) Program offered by the ACI Learning Hubs. The program launched last summer as a pilot. Based on its success, it is now an official program offered at ACI Learning!
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ACI Learning Pledges Support to Mt. Carmel Veterans Center
Employees at the Colorado Springs ACI Learning Hub have taken their commitment to local veterans to a higher level – committing $12,000 in charitable gifts to the Mt. Carmel Veterans Center over the next six months.
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ACI Learning Provides Over $2.3 Million in Scholarships and Launches Free Training to Help Close the Digital Skills Gap
As a leading provider of audit, cybersecurity and IT certification and professional development training, ACI Learning has committed to this mission in a major way: in 2022, they provided over $2.3 million in scholarships for individuals to obtain IT and cybersecurity certification training. The IT and cybersecurity certification training scholarships have been awarded to individuals from diverse backgrounds, as well as those transitioning out of military service into civilian careers. 
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