ACI Learning Launches Proprietary AI-Powered Skills Gap Analysis Tool

DENVER – July 13, 2023ACI Learning, the audit, cybersecurity and IT training leader, today launched Insights, a skills gap analysis tool for team leaders to continuously address staff knowledge gaps. The proprietary tool is the brain inside ACI Learning, eliminating guesswork and empowering business leaders to know exactly how and when to assign training and grow their teams. Insights works alongside ACI Learning’s unrivaled catalog of tech training content designed to engage learners and future-proof businesses.

Insights leverages ACI’s own assessment framework to establish skills benchmarks across an organization, while identifying learning opportunities on an individual basis. As time goes on, learners can practice and demonstrate skills improvement in safe test environments that mimic real-life work situations. Leaders can establish a cadence through which learners regularly test themselves, and the tool continuously reassesses skills levels and prescribes new training modules. 

“Insights is a leap into the future that ensures our fun and edutaining tech training can impact the most businesses possible across every industry imaginable,” said Brett Shively, CEO of ACI Learning. “Insights not only becomes our lynchpin, but the lynchpin of organizations looking to take an always-on approach to workforce upskilling across cyber, audit and IT. Our Insights engine will get even smarter over time as its machine learning capabilities scale.” 

Insights is a straightforward solution in the value it offers: companies evaluate staff members with regular assessments, and the platform prompts learners into actionable skills training. What’s happening under the hood is much more complex: ACI’s years of data gathering and industry-leading analysis inform a proprietary AI engine leveraging machine learning to make smarter recommendations over time, combining loads of aggregate and anonymized learner data commingled with individuals’ knowledge via inputs representing the threats and changes happening broadly in the market. 

The AI-powered Insights can quickly comb through a team’s data and recommend training, in addition to advising leaders on how to grow the team most strategically. Further, Insights provides leaders with benchmarks allowing them to see how their teams’ skills and knowledge stack up among peers in the market. In short, Insights provides business leadership with a birds-eye view of workforce capabilities and skills gaps, allows them to zoom in and recommend individualized training, and then empowers them to clearly understand and chart the best training path forward. 

“We’re excited at the early results for those companies who utilized Insights in our beta,” said Don Pezet, Chief Product Officer of ACI Learning. “As we launch Insights to the entire market, we’re eager to see more of our programming be utilized by leaders and their team members. We’re making new original content every week and there’s always a myriad of insights we can offer to help modern businesses stay ahead of threats and maximize opportunities to grow with confidence.” 

Pezet leads a group of industry-beloved subject matter experts, affectionately referred to as Edutainers. They provide training via all learning modalities – on-demand video, instructor-led live, anime, documentary-style, podcast, you name it – all of which is delivered in their signature fun, engaging, “binge-worthy,” accessible and informative style.  When Insights is put to work, it’s helping recommend to leaders that they utilize unique training bundles spanning ACI’s key categories of products:

  • AuditPro: NASBA-approved Audit continuing professional education (CPE). Fulfill annual Audit CPE with engaging, on-demand video training. Podcasts, blogs and webinars enhance learning.
  • CyberSkills: Address areas where employees have shown weaknesses, such as password security, phishing prevention, and network safety. This solution is made for all employees. The more non-technical, the more ACI’s CyberSkills solution can help. 
  • ITPro: 7,000+ hours of IT and cybersecurity training. Train for most popular IT certifications. Manage, track, and report on team progress. 
  • Practice Labs: Virtual hands-on and skills-based education labs. Practice tests and exams. Aligned with certifications from leading vendors.

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One can assume ACI has a training solution for that. And when one is in doubt as to which training solution is right for them and their team, Insights is the tool to guide you forward. For those interested in learning more, visit:

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