ACI Learning Unveils CyberSkills Training for Enterprises' Non-IT Professionals

The audit, cybersecurity and IT training leader also launches new 'Insights' assessment platform to empower enterprise leaders to continuously address staffs' cybersecurity knowledge gaps

DENVER, June 15, 2023 - ACI Learning, the audit, cybersecurity and IT training leader, today launched CyberSkills, a cybersecurity awareness training platform for all employees that covers everything from password security, phishing scams, malware prevention and network safety. CyberSkills is the latest in an expansive suite of audit, cybersecurity and IT training solutions known for being fun, engaging, and easy-to-follow, keeping employees motivated and attentive throughout the learning process.

According to a new report released by ACI Learning at the RSA Conference, human error is a contributing factor in 95% of cyberattacks. On top of that, security incidents are predicted to cost companies and consumers a mind-boggling $8 trillion in 2023.

"Human error has long been recognized as the weakest link in cybersecurity – people doing things they're not supposed to do, or not doing things they're supposed to do," said Brett Shively, CEO of ACI Learning. "By shifting responsibility from workers to business leaders, enterprises can flip the situation, going from victim to victorious. It starts with smart training for security awareness and advanced skills for every member of an organization."

CyberSkills is an employee-facing solution purposefully built to bridge the knowledge gap between IT and non-IT professionals, educating and empowering staff at every level to defend against cyberthreats. ACI Learning is pairing CyberSkills with the launch of its new Insights assessment platform. Enterprise leaders can leverage Insights to track employees' progress and assess the results of the training. They can also continuously identify improvements in employees' cybersecurity knowledge and skills and take actions where needed.

"CyberSkills and Insights present a powerful combination – with the Insights assessment providing valuable insights into employees' cybersecurity knowledge and identifying gaps that can be addressed through CyberSkills," said Don Pezet, Chief Product Officer of ACI Learning. "Based on the Insights assessment results, organizations can customize the CyberSkills training modules to focus on the areas where employees have shown weaknesses, such as password security, phishing prevention, and network safety."

CyberSkills features catalogs of cybersecurity awareness anime content, in addition to documentary-style episodes featuring ACI Learning's popular subject matter experts, affectionately referred to as Edutainers. The attack-specific training and knowledge-check assessments are based on common cyber threats that employees encounter on a day-to-day basis, and delivered in ACI Edutainers' signature fun, engaging, accessible and informative style.

CyberSkills and Insights are available exclusively today for current ACI Learning customers, and will be available to the broader market in June 2023. For more information, visit:

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