ACI Learning Hubs Offers Teaching Assistant Program - Earn While You Learn!

Those hoping to get hired as an instructor at ACI Learning can now get on the fast track under a new Teaching Assistant (TA) Program offered by the ACI Learning Hubs. The program launched last summer as a pilot. Based on its success, it is now an official program offered at ACI Learning!

“The TA program allowed me to meet the team and get to start working with them right away. I also was able to learn the system and tools, as well as the procedures and processes that are important to know as an Instructor/Mentor. It is a great way to join the team and learn from those already doing the job.” Paul Herbka, ACI Learning Instructor/Mentor

How it works

Teaching Assistants (TAs) will work within one of the curriculum programs offered by the ACI Learning Hubs. The program lasts 12 to 15 weeks. Along the way, TAs work to get fully certified within their chosen program and get training that will open the door for them to be hired as a full-time Instructor/Mentor or Contract Instructor for ACI Learning, based on role availability. TAs start out in part-time roles (up to 25 hours per week) and earn while they learn.

In Phase 1, teaching assistants will go through one full program track and work on administrative tasks such as attendance, small group tutoring, running polling questions and working one-on-one with students who need more support. At the end of Phase 1, teaching assistants will do a teaching demonstration with a program administrator, and then move on to the next phase.

In Phase 2, participants will begin actively co-teaching, fully preparing for classes with instructor activities, questions, etc. Participants will get to teach certain topics, teaching up to a full 4-hour course block by the end of each week in Phase 2.

Teaching assistants have weekly check-ins on their progress with a program administrator. By the end of Phase 2, Teaching Assistants will test for all certifications included in their program. ACI Learning will fund the testing vouchers for those accepted into the program.

The job offer

Upon completing all requirements, successful participants will be offered an open position or a contractor position. Those who complete the program are required to work as an instructor for a set amount of time.


To be eligible, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • You have completed the ACI Learning training program as a student in the last 2 years and have earned at least one technical certification included in the program. Participants must earn the certification(s) for the courses they will teach.
  • Or, you must have the current version, or one version old, of at least one of the certifications included in the program (i.e., Security+) even if you have not been a student at ACI Learning Hubs.

ACI Learning is accepting TAs on a rolling basis, contingent on available cohorts.

Apply today!

If you’re interested in joining the Teaching Assistant Program, you can apply here.

Eligible applicants will be interviewed and will then meet with the TA Program manager.

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