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Auditing Artificial Intelligence Overview
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) promise to improve productivity and creativity. Like most technologies, they also carry risks, so auditors must understand key concepts and practices so they can audit these technologies effectively.
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WEBVTT Artificial intelligence and machine learning are integral to our lives, and they have become such a big part of everything that we do, sometimes in ways that we know and sometimes ways that we don't know. But it's very important to have an understanding of what it is all about and how it impacts us and what we can do as individuals, as workers, and as auditors, reviewers, inspectors, and consultants. So we have this course on auditing AI and ML, and it's a very important course because I think that it really plays an important role in helping us understand what happens and how we can be active participants so we don't feel like we're just passive or victims with what's happening, but we can play an active role. So that being the case, I am very happy to be hosting this course. And in my experience as an auditor, I have done so many different things over the years. A lot of operational reviews, financial reviews, compliance reviews. I've taught many people over the years, hosted conferences and symposia. I've written several books as well, but this course is really near and dear to me because of the topic and how relevant it is to our lives today. So I'm very happy to be here as the host, but I'm not alone. With me is Jax Scott. Welcome, Jax. Thank you. I'm excited to be here. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. Well, I'm as good as he is not. Just kidding. I'm a few steps down. I have not written books and I have not done speaking engagements about audit, but I will tell you that I have been in the cybersecurity IT space for about 16 years. I have led teams in audits. I understand internal controls. I'm a cybersecurity assessor by heart. I love NIST, so I am big on the various different types of NIST frameworks and I understand kind of the direction that we're going because I work with a lot of clients in real time that are having these challenges with AI and AI application. So I actually currently work with clients in the federal space, in the state and local space, helping them to establish AI governance, AI risk management frameworks. So I am bringing in this course, I am bringing my real world knowledge to each of you. Excellent. Excellent. Very relevant and very useful. And I'm sure we're going to learn quite a bit from it. What kind of person or who would benefit most from this course? I would say first and foremost, if you're an auditor, this is a fairly new space. I mean, the audit, even just having AI audit frameworks coming out, they're still being developed and formalized. The certification process still hasn't been formalized, but we need you. We need auditors in this space. So if you're wanting to just expand your knowledge, this course is for you. It's going to challenge you. It's going to make you stretch. It's going to make you think differently. Another individual I would say is if you're in an organization and you have AI in your organization and likely you do, unless you're just completely off the grid, this course is for you because we're going to provide you tips and tricks that are going to help you be able to establish and understand what is an AI governance program, what is a risk management program look like, as well as being able to identify biases or fairness within your environment. Very, very good. So as far as key takeaways, what are those who are joining us for this course are going to take away from this? Well, we're going to blow your socks off. That's the first thing. So that's the first takeaway. You're going to love this course. On top of it, you're going to be walking away with tangible tools and techniques. We're going to be teaching you things like the confusion matrix, the AUC rock. You're going to understand different types of methods to be able to assess AI within your environment, the fairness and the bias. We're also going to be able to understand the legal frameworks that are out there right now, the regulatory frameworks, where we're going within the AI space. So it's very relevant and it's very current. Very, very good. I'm excited. So I am looking forward to this and you joining us as well. So thank you very much, Jax. Let's learn together. Let's do this.

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