Auditing Capital Projects


When given a project to audit, the task may seem daunting and impossible. Many will not know where to start. Through this course, students will understand the importance of auditing capital projects and will learn tips and tricks to determine the project's risks and risk mitigation techniques. The course will be a general overview and will enable an auditor to develop an audit workflow, prioritize tasks, and understand how all the pieces of the projects fit into one another. Students will be able to have a more intelligent conversation with the project management staff, as some common terms will be defined in the course. Students will also be able to develop effective audit strategies. There are many complexities in understanding the payment process that may affect the findings discovered during the audit. Students will be walked through the chaos to better understand issues and document the correct findings amount. This course will also review some of the most common myths and misconceptions about having a contract and auditing it. Being able to understand contracts and contract risks will be discussed so that students can more effectively understand what the wording means and how a simple word can change the entire intention. Consequently, students will learn what the correct word choice should be and why the contract may not be as strong as they first imagined. Lastly, students will understand what is typically found during an audit and why the audit is important. They can bring this knowledge back to the audit committee or senior management to become a champion that will encourage further audits and to better protect the organization. There is no CPE available for this course.

Learning Style

On Demand


Entry Level

Who this course is for

Internal auditors, compliance professionals, and project managers looking for a comprehensive understanding of the risks and controls around projects, and the project life cycle.

Length of course

8h 2m
25 Episodes

Here are the topics we'll cover

  • Project Types
  • Project Life Cycle
  • Auditing Payments
  • Insurance
  • Special Considerations
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