Auditing Corporate Culture


This course provides internal auditors with a foundation for approaching an audit of company culture. Learners will be exposed to key drivers and frameworks that can help establish guidelines and parameters around the somewhat nebulous topic of culture. This course will prepare internal auditors for performing an audit of culture by first exposing them to ways in which an organization can be assessed. We will review how attitudes towards risk, organizational strategies and values, structure, communication styles, and decision-making processes all factor into assessing organizational stances of culture. We will also explore considerations that auditors should be aware of when preparing to perform an audit of culture. Learners will leave this course with a better understanding of how to factor these considerations into their audit work and execute their audit engagement. Finally, this course will illustrate how to best perform an audit of culture and share the audit report with key stakeholders to yield improved outcomes for employees and organizational leaders. There is no CPE available for this course.

Learning Style

On Demand


Entry Level

Who this course is for

Internal auditors looking for techniques to audit an organization’s culture and understand the related risks and vulnerabilities.

Length of course

6h 35m
19 Episodes

Here are the topics we'll cover

  • Foundational Elements
  • Assessing the Organization
  • Considerations
  • Performing the Audit
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