Communication Skills in Audit


As auditors, communication is an integral soft skill that must be honed. This course is intended to provide internal auditors of all experience levels with the tools and techniques used to improve communication and identify communication missteps. We will begin with an overview of communication channels, styles, and their purpose. With this foundation, we will determine which channel is most appropriate given different situations — a discerning communicator is an effective communicator! It is vital that auditors familiarize themselves with the array of communication tools they have at their disposal. This course will review these tools and provide learners with guidance as to when and how to use them effectively. By learning to become agile and adaptable, learners can become more tactical and specific in their communication strategies. There is no CPE available for this course.

Learning Style

On Demand


Entry Level

Who this course is for

Internal auditors of all levels seeking to improve their soft skills of effective communication, dealing with different personality types, and time management.

Length of course

4h 42m
13 Episodes

Here are the topics we'll cover

  • Course Overview
  • Communication Types Overview
  • Dimensions of Communication
  • Avenues and Artifacts
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