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This course will teach learners how to protect their organization's data and systems from cyber threats. These threats can come in the form of viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and other types of online attacks. This course will introduce learners to cybersecurity - what it is and why it is important. Overall, cybersecurity workplace training is designed to help employees understand the importance of protecting their organization's data and systems and give them the knowledge and skills they need to do so effectively. This course will also inform learners about the various threats and vulnerabilities that exist within workplace ecosystems and best practices with respect to cybersecurity and incident response. Finally, this course will touch on regulatory compliance and ways in which audits of cybersecurity workplace training can influence and strengthen awareness programs.
Cybersecurity Workplace Training Overview
In this episode, we will provide a course overview, introduce learners to the course, and provide course expectations.
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WEBVTT Welcome to Cybersecurity Workplace Training. I'm Dr. Hernan Murdoch and with me is Scott Lyons. I've been in the profession for so many years. I've been an audit since and an instructor and author since 2007. I've been watching cybersecurity very closely as it has evolved, and so many things are different now than they were in the past, and we need to understand these things. We are basically looking at a course that's going to help us better understand a lot of the things related to cybersecurity, a very essential skill. Scott, what are some of the key things that people are going to learn in this course? It's a really, really great question and thank you for having me and allowing me to join you to do this. The course is really defined around what do we need to know for cyber workplace safety. It's like the OSHA course for cyber, but we're also bringing in new elements. Throughout the course, you're going to hear us talk about things that could bump on the network. We're going to talk about the dark side of the force, the offensive attacker point of view. Here's the problem. If we don't know how an attacker is going to do their job, we won't know how to defend. Tell us a little bit about your background because you've done this for many years, right? Yeah, I have. I've been in the hacker community for well over 30 years at this point. I've worked for multiple agencies with the US government. I've defended multiple businesses from ransomware, multiple businesses from other things that could bump on the network, and I've also helped to recover and enhance operations, both domestically and internationally, from multiple companies. Tell us a little bit about the kind of person who would benefit most from this course. Sure. So we have a question of how do we ensure that the systems that we're using are safe? How do we ensure that the SCADA that we run our lives on is safe? How do we ensure that the IoT devices that were now being sold are safe? How do we ensure that federal regulations are being met? How do we ensure that computer networks are maintaining and protecting our privacy? So the course is really built towards auditors. How do we take an auditor who is really good at being able to look at all of these questions and understand the intrinsic value, and then be able to translate it back to a governing body to say, yes, these people are doing exactly what they need to do? How do we take auditors, teach them cyber, and get them up to speed with the most current and latest thinkings inside of cybersecurity? With so many takeaways, this is a fascinating course. Let's learn together.

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