Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence


Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence Overview
Artificial Intelligence promises to usher in an era of enhanced productivity. It has also shown there are ethical considerations that users, organizations, and society at large should consider. This course examines the ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence, the effects it is causing to society, and how internal auditors can help their clients establish ethical boundaries that guide its development and use.
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WEBVTT Artificial intelligence and machine learning are integral to our lives, and they have become so pervasive. We're using them sometimes even in ways that we don't know. One of the interesting things about it is that it also raised some ethical questions and concerns. This course is designed to take a look at some of these things, but I am not here by myself. I am here with Jax Scott. I'm going to say a few things about myself, and I'm going to turn it over to you to help us understand your background and why this course is so important. I've been in the audit profession for a long time. I've been an instructor, I've organized conferences, I've also led symposia, written several books, and done many audits around the world over the years. I've always been interested in ethics and how ethics affects organizations, and whether it is a financial review, an operational review, a compliance review, any of these type of reviews, and of course with culture, ethics plays an important role. As we're looking at this new field of AI and how it's flourished over the last few years, I am naturally interested in the ethical implications of this. We have with us Jax Scott who has an impressive background. Jax, tell us more about yourself. Thank you. I'm here with the legend, honestly. I'm excited to be here. I've got about 16 years in the cybersecurity in the IT space, and I primarily work with a federal, state, and local clients, and I help them with establishing and understanding their overall cybersecurity and AI environment. Because we're seeing more and more challenges with AI happening. One of my clients, for example, I am assisting them in establishing an AI ethics committee and framework, and utilizing different types of frameworks that are out there, such as NIST and For Humanities. I also wrote a book, but it's not an ethics book. But I love this space and I love this topic that we're talking about. Excellent. Very, very good. Who would benefit most from this course? Honestly, everybody, I think, would benefit for it. I think we need to have more individuals to understand the importance of ethical AI, what that means, what it means to establish and foster an ethical conscious culture within your organization. This course is going to allow you to have that broader understanding of the impacts of AI within your organization. Very, very important indeed. What are some of the key takeaways? We're going to be teaching you all kinds of amazing stuff to include, like high level overview of what is AI, machine learning, and the intricacies of that. We're also going to be diving into understanding models and parameters, and then some of the use cases that we provide you. So you have a real-world understanding of what is actually happening right now today as far as bias and fairness within these AI algorithms. I am excited. I think you're excited as well. Heck yeah, I am. All right. So let's learn together.

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This course is intended for internal auditors; governance, risk and compliance professionals interested in learning about the unique characteristics of higher education and how to audit this sector effectively.

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