Information Management and CDMP Professional Certification


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Instructor Led



Who this course is for

Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse Developers and Architects, Data Modelers, Developers, Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Database Administrators, Project Managers, and IT Consultants.


40 credits

Field of Study


Length of course



Fundamentals of Internal Auditing
or equivalent experience

Advanced Preparation


Here are the learning objectives we'll cover

  • List the need for and the application of Information Management disciplines for different categories of challenges.
  • Describe an Information Management framework and understand how it aligns with other architecture frameworks.
  • Examine concepts such as lifecycle management, normalisation, dimensional modelling and data virtualisation and appreciate why they are important.
  • Understand the critical roles of Master Data Management and Data Governance and how to effectively apply them.
  • Understand the different component disciplines that comprise the topic of Information Management.
  • Differentiate between different MDM architectures, their suitability for different needs and how best to implement Master Data Management approaches.
  • Understand the different facets (dimensions) of Data Quality and explore a workable Data Quality framework.
  • Describe the major considerations for successful Data Governance and how it can be introduced in bite-sized pieces.
  • Develop a set of usable techniques that can be applied to a range of information management challenge.
  • Learn the best practices for managing Enterprise Information needs
  • Apply techniques in information architecture planning.
  • Understand the syllabus for the CDMP professional certification.
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Attendance policy for on-site and online instructor-led training

Students are expected to arrive on time for classes with the proper materials and attitude. An overall attendance rate of 100% is expected to fully absorb the materials and to complete labs. If you have an expected absence, please email or your instructor ahead of time. The number of CPEs awarded will be equivalent to the number of hours attended.