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[MUSIC] Welcome, it's an exciting time to be an auditor as new tools and technology become available to help further the profession. Hello, I'm Kathy Chambers, edutainer here at ACI Learning alongside Dr. Hernan Murdock. Welcome, Dr. Hernan. Nice to be here. It's great to have you here. To begin, can you tell us a little about yourself? Yes, this is very, very exciting. My experience in this field has gone over many years because I started in banking operations and I became a business analyst. And then I joined internal audit as an auditor in insurance, primarily in Latin America. Later, I joined a professional service organization. There, I was able to audit organizations and transportation, telecom, manufacturing, utilities, pharmaceuticals. And I did this work in the United States and abroad. I'm a certified internal auditor. I also have a certification risk management assurance. And in this course, we're going to talk about so many ways that we can innovate what we do. Yeah, so the title of this course is innovation for internal auditors. What are some things that our viewers will be learning? We're going to go beyond just the definition of innovation. So we'll talk about what it is, what it means and how it applies to what we do within the department and in the work that we can do with our clients. So that's going to involve everything from looking at the planning, looking at the field work, looking at the reporting. We also look at risk assessments. We'll take a look at some of the tools that I think are very, very helpful in being able to apply innovation. So part of it is the process itself and how we try to make it better. But part of it is also tools. There are so many we're going to cover, SIPOC maps, affinity diagrams. We're going to look at key performance indicators, key risk indicators. We're going to take a look at robotic process automation. We'll spend some time also talking about different ways we can increase our ability to be more collaborative in the way that we do our work. So how we're able to find ways to not only think innovatively but also to bring in our clients in this exercise. So who should take this course in your opinion, Dr. Hernan? I think all kinds of auditors, all types. So by that I mean financial auditors, compliance auditors, just a whole different types of internal auditors. Operational, the ones who are specializing in different fields within their different industries as we think in terms of IT auditors, regulators, I think everyone can benefit from the topics we're going to cover here. So yeah, the topics are really exciting. May I ask why you're excited about this particular course? I'm excited because the profession is changing as a result of the changes in our world. So there are so many things that are going on at the moment in terms of how we use technology, how organizations use technology, how different tools have now been seen as being effective in our work as we think and talk about the different skills that make successful auditors. All of these things are coming together now. There are lots of opportunities for us as we rebrand ourselves and we rebrand the profession. So I am excited because there's so many things that we can do differently. My big thing is faster, cheaper, better. And throughout this whole course, we're going to spend time learning how to do just that. All right, thank you so much, Dr. Hernan. Sounds like a lot of exciting episodes are coming your way to our viewers. Please stick around. We hope you enjoy this course on innovation for internal auditors. [MUSIC]

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Internal Auditors, Compliance Professionals, and leaders in Internal Audit departments who want to develop new audit approaches, expand current skills, re-energize the focus of audit activities, and learn innovative tips, tools, and techniques.

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  • Introduction
  • The Role of Innovation in Internal Audit
  • Improving Agility
  • Embracing Innovation
  • Risk Assessments
  • Innovation and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
  • Audit Plan Development
  • Planning
  • Fieldwork
  • Reporting
  • Follow-up
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