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This course builds on the fundamentals of modern internal auditing and practice how to conduct operational audits and develop audit programs for auditing business processes, including purchasing, contracting, vendor selection, marketing, sales, human resources, IT general controls, management, and accounting functions like accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, payroll, treasury and fixed assets.
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Hello ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning in to a Ci learning we want to take the time and introduce you to the course that you're about to take a journey on with us this is the internal audit school and I'm gonna be your host Wes Bryan I have about a decade experience and technical training more specifically focusing on things like I T and hold various I T certification Industry recognized certifications now you're not here for me along with this journey, who is going to be leading his is Doctor Hernani Murdoc Doctor Murdoch, thank you so much for joining us and really just allowing me to be a part of this course, can you tell our viewers a little bit about your background? How long have you been in the industry and what are some of the credentials behind your name when it comes to internal audit school? Thank you West yes, I started after college in banking I worked there several years in loan origination and servicing, also worked as a business analyst for a couple of years and then I moved into internal audit where I was able to audit organizations in insurance, manufacturing, transportation, telecom universities government I did work in the United States and abroad, small and large organization so I've been able to see a lot of things within organizations how they operate. And I'm also a certified internal auditor and I have a certification in risk management assurance. And I've written a few books on topics that pertain to what internal auditors do .Doctor you know when it comes to what the course is about if I'm sitting down and I've opened up the A C I learning catalog and we're about to embark on internal audit school what kind of professional would be taking this course and what should they expect to get out of it? So this course is designed for individuals who are doing a lot of the audit itself and it can be staffed, it can be seniors, it can be managers and supervisors of engagements and even those who have a high ranking position within automate also benefit from it the way it is structured, it begins by taking a quick look at what internal auditing is all about so going over the life cycle of an audit, looking in terms of what the priorities of the auditors and looking at objectives, risks and controls and audit steps. Looking at risk and controls and procedures to test those and then what it does it shifts into a view of different aspects of the organization. So how to apply those principles and concepts in different aspects of the organization. Looking at things, for example including purchasing and contracting projects, reviews, looking in terms of accounting activities like account receivable payable budgets looking in terms of inventories and fixed assets. Can also within HR not only looking at Western employee file and those kind of compliance elements but also looking beyond that succession planning looking at performance evaluations, disciplinary matters, looking in terms of their recruiting recruitment process looking in terms of how the organization looks at some of the I T elements around infrastructure IT general controls looking at supply chain and looking at the future of internal auditing. So it's very hands on looking at not only the concepts but also the practices that will allow auditors to do their jobs well All right doctor Murdoch thank you so much and I'm excited for this journey and we're excited to have the viewers watching a ci learning join us as we get started in the internal audit school. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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Who this course is for

Internal and External Auditors, Risk and Compliance professionals, and IT Auditors who require a comprehensive approach to operational audits of core business functions.

NASBA Certified CPE

32 credits

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Advanced Preparation

61 Episodes

Here are the topics we'll cover

  • Key Elements of Operational Auditing
  • Components of Operational Audits
  • Auditing Purchasing and Contracts
  • Auditing Marketing and Sales
  • Auditing Human Resources
  • Auditing Finance, Treasury and Accounting
  • Auditing Information Technology
  • Auditing Supply Chain
  • Auditing Management and Corporate Governance
  • The Future of Operational Auditing
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