Amping Up Splunk with Advanced Admin


In this course, you will learn all the details surrounding the parsing process in Splunk operations. This is a phase of operation where data masking, data rerouting, and data transformations can take place. This course teaches Splunk administrators to perform these (and other management tasks) with ease inside of Splunk. This course builds directly upon the other two Splunk courses here at ACI Learning.
Amping Up Splunk with Advanced Admin Overview
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WEBVTT Hi there. My name is Anthony Sequeira and I am thrilled that you are joining me for this Splunk event here at IT Pro, Compliments of ACI Learning. In this course, Lauren and I are going to walk you through advanced administrative tasks that you may be called upon to perform in your Splunk environment. Specifically, we'll take a look at manipulating the data before it goes into that read-only Splunk index. We might want to do this if we have to mask information like account numbers or credit card numbers that we might not be able to legally store inside of the index. This is going to be an exciting course. I'm thrilled you're here and please join me in the next video.

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1h 39m
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Here are the topics we'll cover

  • Parsing
  • Data Transformation
  • Other Advanced Topics
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