Cisco CCNP Data Center DCCOR (350-601)


The DCCOR course helps you prepare for the CCNP Data Center and CCIE Data Center certifications for advanced-level data center roles. In this course, you will gain the skills and technologies you need to: Implement data center compute, LAN, and SAN resources, Understand the essentials of automation and security in data centers, Deploy Cisco Nexus and MDS Switches, Deploy the Cisco Unified Computing System, Describe the Cisco ACI solution in detail and Integrate other cutting edge Cisco data center solutions.
Cisco CCNP Data Center DCCOR (350-601) Overview
What are you going to learn about in the DCCOR show at ITPro.TV? Find out in this overview episode where Ronnie and Anthony will discuss the course.
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You're watching ITProTV, [MUSIC] Welcome to Cisco CCNP data core. DCCOR, that's right, a new episode is actually coming right at you in just a few minutes. But before we get started, let's go ahead and talk a little bit about the basics of this course. And of course, well who's actually gonna be our subject matter expert? Anthony? Sequeira. All right, Anthony. Glad that actually with us as we begin this new course. Tell us a little bit about yourself. And the idea here of why this is gonna be fun for us. Yeah, Ronnie, I've been working with Cisco Systems for decades now, and just super excited for this particular course. And that's because in the data center core environment, we're gonna be learning the cutting edge technologies when it comes to things like networking and storage and security. And compute resources in the data center. And Ronnie, I say I'm super excited to get to this course because we're gonna do cutting edge technologies of the data center. But what's cool for our students is that a lot of these technologies are now starting to spillover. Into the enterprise network. So when you and I were teaching the enterprise track here, we were teaching things like VX LAN all of a sudden, and technologies like Cisco trust sec, and these are the cutting edge technologies that we'll be looking at initial. Yeah, and my particular role as we go through is I don't, I'm not super familiar with the idea of the data center technologies that are actually there. I understand a little bit about them. I know what they are, but we're really going to be diving into some of the technicalities of it. And that's what I'll be playing is the role of the, the student for everybody as I'm learning, I just, before we walked into the studio, I said to Ronnie, Have you taught the data center curriculum before and Ronnie is like no never taught before that was, that's awesome. Because I get to teach to you. Right. And the questions that you're going to be bringing up are legitimate questions right as Ronnie is taking a look at this content. Now, Ronnie, you did share with me that you've actually set up Cisco UCS as the things of that nature. So we're cheating a little bit because Ronnie actually has hands on experience with some of this tech, but it is really, I promise you gonna be cutting edge you're gonna love it All right. So if a student's watching this, they might be asking, Hey, what is it in it? What's in this for me as we go through what would make a student successful as a finisher? Yeah, I really think students are going to be very excited by the fact that they are going to understand the latest technologies. Great example, I love to give here is like you see a newly minted CCNA, and they're all excited about rapid spanning tree protocol, and they've mastered rapid spanning tree protocol, and they're so excited about that. Well, Ronnie, and I kind of look at each other and we're like, gosh. Do we tell them? Should we tell them? And of course, what we're contemplating telling them is that RSTP, Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol, we're not going to use it in the data center. So it's just really interesting that we'll be teaching students these next generation technologies that may completely eradicate. Technologies that they've been familiar with before. So what's gonna be the breakdown of our course? How are we gonna proceed through the lessons that we're gonna do? Yeah, great, great question. So in Cisco's body of work their website [LAUGH] when we go to the Cisco website. We see the certification area. And if you take a look at the official DC core exam objectives, you're gonna see it breaks down into five different domains. And that's just how we're gonna do it. It makes perfect sense the layout of those five domains. So we'll stay in that order as we go throughout the material Ronnie, course we do get started with a little nx-os primmer that I put together for our students that was certainly not mentioned by Cisco. So every now and then we'll introduce some new topics for your benefit but those exam objectives, it'll be the blueprint we follow. What are some details about the DC core exam that we can share? Well, we can share the fact that currently it is 102 questions. So this is in that format of the core exams along with CCNA 102 questions currently, we're gonna have multiple choice, multiple correct multiple choice. And grag and drop. [COUGH] Notice no simulations yet. Cisco says they're coming, but none yet. And this exam in particular, I can go out on a limb and say it would be the last to get simulations, right? Because these would be the most sophisticated. [LAUGH] Simulations that Cisco wanted to pull of. So I really do think we're safe on this one for quite a while on the 102 basically multiple choice questions. Is there any one technology that we're going to go over that makes you really excited that we'll be covering this court? My gosh, that's a tough one this course because I really do love it. All of the tech that we're gonna be talking about. But Ronnie, without a doubt, I do have to say for myself and for many of the students out there, it's the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure, Cisco's ACI, that we're gonna take a detailed look at. And I think students are gonna love that, because so many students that I encounter they say, wow, this Cisco ACI in the data center is a really big deal. Can you tell me about it? I'd be like everyone wanna know about this, especially since Ronnie, I don't know how many times you've heard this. But I certainly have You hear definitions of what ACI is, and it confuses you [LAUGH] way more than it helps you. So we're gonna make that technology simple. Yeah, no, I agree. I think that that's probably the key piece that I'd like to actually get no more as well. So I'm glad that we'll be doing this course together. Alright, so that means if you are actually ready to proceed Well, all you have to do is actually realize Just a quick way, so we'll see in the very next episode Thank you for watching IT pro TV.

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