Cisco CCNP Security SNCF (Exam 300-710)


Are you ready to learn all about the Cisco Firepower devices from Cisco Systems? These devices have become very popular in Enterprise environments and this course will provide the details you seek. This course also completely prepares you for the SNCF 300-710 exam!
Cisco CCNP Security SNCF (Exam 300-710) Overview
Are you ready to learn all about the Cisco Firepower devices from Cisco Systems? These devices have become very popular in Enterprise environments and this course will provide the details you seek. This course also completely prepares you for the SNCF 300-710 exam!
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You're watching ITProTV. [MUSIC] Welcome to your Cisco Security, Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower. We're here to actually present a little bit of an overview before we get started. So, our SME is gonna be Anthony Sequeira. Anthony will you go ahead and introduce yourself to us? Yes Ronnie. Hi everybody. I'm Anthony Sequeira. I am so thrilled that you are joining Ronnie Wong and I for this concentration area in the CCNP Security Track from Cisco Systems. This is certainly going to be a popular course here at ITProTV, and that is because Cisco Firepower devices are all the buzz when it comes to Cisco Security Solutions. So we're gonna be taking an intense look at the firepower devices during this event. A little bit about myself. I've been here at ITProTV since so around, I would say November of 2019, and I've been teaching Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper, Cloud, all kinds of topics since about 1996. So I am just absolutely thrilled for this course. It's really personal to me as I am currently pursuing my CCIE. It's my second one and it's in the area of security, so you're gonna see me get awfully excited in this content. All right, a little bit about myself as we continue. I'm gonna kind of be the student and the learner in this episode. Now I do have at least at one point in time, the CCNA in security, and I have been also hosting with Anthony in terms of the CCNPs Security on score as well. So I do have a little bit of background in security. But my main focus right now, of course, is I'm also studying for my CCIE. But in Enterprise Infrastructure instead. Now what does this mean for me? I'm actually, have not only the CCNA, but I'm also a CCNP in enterprise. But I wanna learn more about security and the ideas. I've never really dabbled too much into the Cisco Firepower. So I'm gonna be asking questions that I also find thought provoking to me as we continue forward. Now, as we continue to move forward here, Anthony, why in the world, if I'm watching this as a learner, okay? What is it in it for me? Yeah, Ronnie, that's a great question and I think it's really twofold. We're probably gonna have two types of audience member. We're gonna have that audience member that's like, hey, heard Firepower's cool. Can't wait to check it out, but I really need my CCNP Security. So we have learners here that are looking for that valuable professional level Cisco certification, and they have taken and passed score, let's say, and now they're working on their concentration exam. Remember, they have to choose one from a wide variety of exams, and they've chosen Firepower. So we might have students that are really interested in certification. Interestingly though, with this course, probably more than any other Cisco course in our library, we might have quite a few folks here that could care less about Cisco certification. Maybe they're about to roll out new Cisco Firepower devices, and they want as much education as possible in a convenient manner. And so they're turning to ITProTV for really the hands on knowledge that they need with these devices. Can you also help us out with, how we're gonna break this course down, and are you actually heading towards any specific role goal that we have? Yeah, let's talk about that. In fact, Parola, if we could bring up my screen because I have in front of me open here, I've got the official SNCF exam objectives. And if you look at this, they break down the topics into four domains. There's Deployment, Configuration, Management and Troubleshooting, and Integration. What Ronnie and I are gonna do here in SNCF, is we are going to follow this design with one exception. We are adding an additional domain upfront, and I'm super excited about this. I bet you many of our students will be as well. This additional domain is gonna teach you from the ground up, how to deploy a practice lab environment, so you can get that valuable hands-on, if you'd like it, in Amazon Web Services. This won't be free, but we're gonna be giving you a bunch of tips on how to save money with this little practice lab inside of AWS. So with these tips, I think you'll find it's very inexpensive, and it's a really again, exciting way to get your hands on the Firepower devices without a huge capital expenditure type of an expense. So we'll be doing discussions of deployment, and config, and management and troubleshooting, and integration. But we'll be doing all of that, following domain where we'll teach you how to spin this stuff up to practice with it. Can you give us a little bit of the details about the exam itself, such as the time that it actually takes, and maybe the number of questions and even the cost? Yeah, sure, I believe the cost, these are in the $300 range now, I do believe Ronnie. I think they charge a little more for the core exam, is that right? As far as I know, yeap. Yeah, I think there may be a little bit of a price difference there, but, I don't know the cost off the top of my head, so I don't know why I started with that. Let's start with what I do remember explicitly regarding this exam. It is a 60 question exam. And it is multiple choice. It is multiple, correct multiple choice, and they will always tell you how many are correct. I love that, so they don't do that more difficult style of choose all that apply, they'll say choose two or choose three. And they'll be drag and drops. So we've got multiple choice, multiple correct multiple choice, and then drag and drop, that's it. Those are the three styles of questions in this 60 question exam. Some of the questions will have exhibits, but nothing too overly complicated to look at. And they give you, my gosh, they give you, I think like a full 2 hours. They give you like 120 minutes, maybe it's 90 minutes. I don't even know, and the reason I don't know is because you will not have time pressure. You should not have time pressure in this exam. So as far as time pressures go, I would rate this on the low end of that. I was done in under 30 minutes with the 60 questions. They're very straightforward, most of them, and if you know your stuff, it's gonna be one of the easier exams. Probably that you've ever taken in the realm of Cisco Security, especially if you go through all the training that we have here for you, you really pay attention, maybe take notes. And then you'll be ready to go in and crush this 60 question exam. All right, so why are you really excited about this particular course? Boy, you know Ronnie, I'm just super excited about this because, we really are talking about cutting edge technology from Cisco Systems. I'm also really excited about it because it's just fun to see the evolution of this technology. As we'll see in an upcoming episode, I started out my life with the PIX. Remember the PIX, Ronnie, you're certainly old enough to remember that. That's where firewall started with Cisco Systems. So it's just really fun for me to have started out with that early, very successful PIX Firewall from Cisco, and now here be teaching the greatest generation of Cisco Firewall Technology. And of course these are also intrusion prevention service devices as well, so it's just super exciting to be teaching the latest, greatest generation of tech. All right, well, you heard it right there from Anthony Sequeira himself. If you are ready to get started right here in our Cisco Security. SNCF course, watch the very next video. So signing off for Anthony Sequeira and myself. Make sure you go ahead and click, right now. Thank you for watching TVProTV.

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