Communicating Cybersecurity Findings Effectively


In this course the learner will identify and communicate to stakeholders, the importance of vulnerability management and incident response reporting. The learner will also identify common metrics and key performance indicators used in these reporting processes.
Communicating Cybersecurity Findings Effectively Overview
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WEBVTT Welcome and thank you for joining us for this course. I'm going to be your host, Sophie Godwin throughout this course. I'm also going to be your learner advocate, asking questions along the way, things you might be wondering at home. So that is what I'm here for and I'm joined by Wes Bryan. He's going to be our head edutainer, our subject matter expert on this course. Wes, tell us a little about yourself. Sure. Absolutely, Sophia. So I have been doing technical instruction, and technical instructor now for better than a decade. I've taught a lot of security classes to great many people. I have multiple certifications, CompTIA certifications, Microsoft certifications, Linux certification. So I'm really looking forward to being the person that is going to help you along with Sophia take this journey through this course. In this course, we'll be talking about communicating your cybersecurity findings. Is that what we're talking about? Yeah, sure. So it's the communicating and the importance. As a cybersecurity analyst, you have the job of communicating things like, for instance, vulnerability reports, incident response reports. It's going to be up to you to communicate that to a variety of stakeholders. So we'll look at communicating the importance of vulnerability management reporting. We'll look at the metrics and the KPIs as well. These are just some of the things that we're going to see inside of this course. Okay. So I'm here to learn. I'm just here to learn as much as I can. Just like with every course, I'm here to learn. But for those watching at home, what might they get out of this course? Who is this for? Really anyone, you know, we don't have any prerequisites from this course. Maybe the only prerequisite is just to have kind of an understanding of what vulnerability management is because we are here to teach you the importance of communicating the report at the end of the day. So this is the results, right? That piece of paper that the company really, really wants so that they can make key decisions on it. So I want you to understand that outside of that, there's really no prerequisites to join this course, right? Anybody that is looking to maybe be a cybersecurity analyst, maybe incident part of the incident response team, the cybersecurity incident response team, you know, you could be taking an exam. This is an exam focus, but you could be taking an exam or you could just be part of the help desk. And maybe you want to level up some of those skills and maybe you want to get your way into the IT security team. This is also part of you or you would also be benefiting by this if you're in a support staff role. Right. So really just anybody that has some kind of background in security, because remember, there is a little bit of assumed knowledge here that you have an understanding, even if it's just a few months of some basic security concepts when you come to this table. And outside of that, we look forward to anybody joining us. I'm sure you'll hear us say the word security and vulnerability and communication a lot in this course. Those will come up a lot. So you'll be learning a lot about those things. And lastly, before we send off this overview, what are you excited about the course? You know, I just really, really love the ability to make other, you know, other students of technology. You know, Sophie and I, we are both students of technology. We know you're joining us because you are a student of technology. And I really like being the one that can advocate for your success by providing you a course that you can easily understand in an easy to understand conversational format. And I absolutely love technology when it works. Sometimes it doesn't work, but that's what keeps us with jobs. Right. But I absolutely getting aside, I love technology and I would love for you to join us and take this ride with us. Love hate relationship. That's right. Love to hate it. But yeah, that's part of the job. Right. So thank you for joining us for this overview. We're excited to have you join us for this course on communicating cybersecurity findings effectively. We'll see you there.

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  • Vulnerability Management Reporting and Communication
  • Incident Response Reporting and Communication
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