CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1101)


CompTIA A+ certified professionals are proven, problem solvers. They support today’s core technologies from security to cloud to data management and more. CompTIA A+ is the industry standard for launching IT careers into today’s digital world.
CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1101) Overview
The CompTIA A+ certification is a widely recognized certification, validating professional skills in the industry. This course is for those exam candidates looking to take the A+ Core 1 exam 220-1101. In this course the focus will be on five core objectives: mobile devices, networking, hardware, virtualization, cloud, and troubleshooting.
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[MUSIC] You're watching IT Pro TV. [BLANK_AUDIO] Welcome to the camp to A+ show that we're actually preparing for the 11 +01 series. And we're actually glad to be able to introduce us. My name is Ronnie Wong as we get started and I'll be your host for this course and I'm actually glad to be able to introduce you to well, Mr Wes Bryan. Now Wes tell us a little bit about your experience about A +. Sure, absolutely. So I was a career changer. I've been teaching A + for a little bit, a little bit better in a decade now. So it's one of those things, I absolutely love doing it because I can sympathize. And I can empathize with the people that are about to take this journey and maybe set foot into IT for the very first time. So I'm looking forward to it. All right. Yeah, my experience is pretty much the same, I've taught it for a long time as well as actually now get the opportunity to work with Wes on presenting this course as well. Now, Wes is for somebody is actually just watching this and saying, hey what am I actually gonna get out of it? What will they get from this course? Sure, Ronnie. So this course is going to be driven towards certification and towards your successful pass on the certification for the 2 2011 01 exam. And that is common to so it is going to be structured in a way and we are going to present the objectives. So that you can sit and take that certification and we want you to be successful. All right, so let's talk about that structure and the idea of the overall goal for this course. So help us out there. Sure, Ronnie. So what we did in this course in designing it is, we went by the exam objectives in the 2 2011 01 series. You're gonna see that there is a 5, there are excuse me, 5 domain objectives and those are the 5 domain objectives that we've broken this down. And following those objectives from beginning to end. So I would encourage somebody download the exam objectives and then you can follow along at home. All right, so with that, in terms of the exam itself, can you tell us a little bit about the certification and details that we might need to know. Most definitely and you know what, I would encourage all of our viewers out there to get familiar with Compton's website. And actually I've got this pulled up right here so I would encourage you to get familiar if you're going to tackle any Compton examine this case where on the A+ portion of their website. And you can see that they let you know what the current exam codes are. And if you wanna know what the exam details, you can scroll down or you can just click exam details down here and it'll kind of give you an idea. So the exam here is going to launch in April here, our current month that we're in and you can see some of the descriptions of the exam. The 1101 will cover mobile devices, networking technologies, hardware, virtualization, and cloud computing. One of the great things is, doesn't matter which of the exams that you are taking. They both follow the same format and that's gonna be 90 minutes per each exam. And keep in mind that this is gonna be a multiple choice question, which means you can have a single answer. You can have multiple answers and it might tell you how many to choose. So, given this scenario, choose three answers here, then you might have dragon drops as well as some performance based type questions. Which they will require you to apply the knowledge that you're gonna be learning as you study for this exam. The recommended experience for this is about 9 to 12 months. Keep in mind that's recommended but it is not required. And you can also go to the testing provider a Pearson Vue. Remember that if you wanna take this online, you can go to on view and you can check out their website. You can register for your exam if you wanna do a brick and mortar in house type testing. You can also use the links here. These links will take you over to the steps that you have to go through in order to schedule for your exam and sit your exam. So there you have it, we currently we're looking at US dollars. Just adjust the, whatever the cost is to your locality here, you can see currently the first a + exam is gonna be $239 US. So there you have it running, there's a little bit about the exam and what you can expect when you decide to take that exam. All right, so Wes what makes you so excited about this course. Ronnie, this exam has just been updated and usually has a 3 year shelf life. So one of the things that I'm so excited about is it's a fresh set of topics and concepts if you will that are reflecting the current industry. And if you like technology, this is gonna be the exam for you. All right Wes well thank you and also thank you for joining us and if you're ready to get started, make sure you click on the very next video. [MUSIC] Thank you for watching IT Pro TV.

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  • Mobile Devices
  • Networking
  • Hardware
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • Troubleshooting Hardware and Networking
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