CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-003)


The CompTIA Cloud+ certification show introduce you to the concepts of cloud-based solutions as part of your IT infrastructure. You will need skills that will allow them to deploy, optimize and protect data within cloud environments. You will learn the fundamental skill to meet the challenges working in a multi-cloud environment.
CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-003) Overview
Course Description: The CompTIA Cloud+ certification show introduce you to the concepts of cloud-based solutions as part of your IT infrastructure. You will need skills that will allow them to deploy, optimize and protect data within cloud environments. You will learn the fundamental skill to meet the challenges working in a multi-cloud environment.
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You're watching ITProTv. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] Hello, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning in. We'd like to introduce you as we are kicking off a new course, that's right. We're talking about the CompTIA cloud + series and we wanna kind of get your feet wet. And hopefully tantalize you a little bit with an overview on what you can expect. My name is Wes Bryan, I'm gonna be one of the subject matter experts inside of this course. My personally, I have a background in teaching technical courses and I've been doing this for a little bit over a decade. And I've taught A+, Net+, Security+ as well as I have taught Cloud+ in the past as well likewise. But I'm gonna introduce you to, well, our course mate here and that is gonna be Mr Ronnie Wong. Ronnie, tell the viewers a little bit about yourself. All right Wes, as we get started in this course, I have relevant experience once again in teaching those same courses such as A+, Network+ and Security+ as well. And also of course Cisco courses, which is pretty much my main stay of what I tend to actually be able to do. But also of course I have certifications in the CCNA cloud that was once actually there too. So, I do know the idea of the cloud background. And putting us together as a team here for an introductory level course into cloud technologies. Well that was just the match that we had to make sure that we did. And so, we're looking forward to this course. All right Ronnie, I could assume, but let's go ahead and clarify any assumptions. But we're talking about CompTIA Cloud+. So again, I assume that this is gonna be driven towards certification and I'm gonna let you speak to that as well. But like all certification exams, our viewers have to bring a certain amount to the table. Can you speak to both of these questions? Sure, when it comes down to it, hopefully what you actually end up getting out of this course is not only of course the ability for you to pass the Cloud+ exam. The material here along with your own personal study, that should help you to be able to do that. But also to be able to actually see how we can begin to learn in a public cloud setting. And we're gonna use Azure, Microsoft Azure as Wes helps us to demonstrate that through. That's what we're actually gonna use to help us to learn more about the idea of cloud. As well as of course a combination of lecture that we have as well. Now, in terms of what you need to bring, previous experience that you have. It is going to be equivalent as we take a look here, you actually see right here in the way darker color. And of course the colorful little icon that they have for the CompTIA here. It's 2-3 years of system administration, essentially 5 years in IT. So, it is not one that's a beginner level. If you don't have a background and hardware, if you don't have a background in terms of understanding networking. This is probably not the place for you to start to actually say, I'm gonna jump right into the idea of cloud technologies. So your experience level essentially is an intermediate person in IT. 2-3 years of experience is what they're looking for. And this is one of the few exams as we go through this, we actually see that we can talk about the idea of performance based questions. So CompTIA of course equates it to these other exams that you see right here. And some of them are actually equatable. But this one actually requires 5 years or 3 years in InfoSec, you name it. There's a lot more that's going on here in terms of that comparison. But the exam focus itself for what we have here is gonna be job role focused as well. Covers different technologies and we actually should be doing that too. Now as we come through and we wanna make sure that we understand a little bit more about the exam itself. Well here it is, here's the comparison. We do have this previously inside the ITProTV courses. But this is the exam that we're covering, the CV0-003, its launch date was right here. And you'll see that they really did kind of focus down the essential skills. And all this was because of what has been happening in the last year and a half or so as we've come through that the idea of the pandemic. So they've really focused in on those technologies instead. And now you'll see that instead of actually being the idea of a maximum of questions here. This is gonna be 90 questions itself and it is multiple choice and performance-based. You get about a minute per question and there is your passing score as well. And they show you the idea once again of the recommend experience and as of this date in US dollars, $338. But make sure you verify whatever that cost is going to be to you regardless of where you are in the world. And you're gonna check this out through a Pearson VUE testing centers where you normally will end up checking the tests. Sure thing Ronnie, now one of the questions I have for you. And maybe you can help us with our viewers when it comes to structure of this course, how does that compare with for instance the exam objectives? All right, so when we talk about the idea of what the structure of this is gonna be, let's go and take a look at my screen again. And you can always download of course the objectives itself directly from CompTIA. So make sure you can actually do that, you actually go to this website right here. Let me see if I can zoom it at the top edge of the screen. So you'll actually be able to do that right here. And then you'll fill out of course a form over on this side of the screen somewhere right there, okay? So you actually see where you can get practice questions and exam objectives. And be able to download that for you, I do recommend that you do that. If not, it will also of course be in our learner resources too, and you'll get some of those details. Now in terms of what will be tested on on the exam, you actually see that they broke it down into 5 different domains here. Now traditionally, right? This is more lecture based than normal. But because of the way that this is a performance driven exam, Wes and I are gonna take a little bit of a different approach to this. In which what you're gonna see is some of it will be lecture. A lot of it will also include demonstrations using Microsoft Azure, and Wes will be driving all those for us. And then a ton of scenario based types of questions that we'll also be going over. So you could see how we would actually tackle these questions if we were actually to come in contact with that as well. So we'll go through all the different domains and we'll cover the exam objectives itself. Now, in some of these because they are repetitive at times here. We won't actually be hitting them again and again and again. But what you'll see is we'll kind of consolidate some of them so that we're not actually doing that. And ultimately of course you'll see that there's some topics where you go, hey, you didn't cover this. But the idea of the troubleshooting, right? We're gonna follow methodology that means you can follow that same methodology regardless of what topics are actually covered. And everything in terms of troubleshooting there too. So, hopefully you'll see that this exam or not this exam. This course will feel a little bit different than what you've actually experienced before. Because of all the stuff that we've jam packed in here. And then we try to actually make a little bit more practical at the same time and also help to prepare you for that exam. All right Ronnie, it's a lot of exciting content. And I know I'm excited for, what's got you excited about this new Cloud+ series that we're gonna endeavor in? So Wes, I think that what's got me excited. And hopefully what's got you excited is that we're gonna try out so many different things as we go through this. And you'll actually be able to see that we included in so many hands on things for you. So that you can jump in there and actually be able to do a lot of this stuff on your own. As well as help prepare you for the exam. Wes, I hope is gonna be one of the most fun courses that we actually get to work on together. I can't wait, I know I'm excited for the demos as well. And we hope you're excited for the new CompTIA Cloud+ series. So stay tuned for the upcoming episodes. Thank you for watching ITProTV. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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