CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ (CLO-002)


CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ is for both IT and non-IT professionals with successful exam candidates demonstrating an understanding of how to make current cloud technology decisions for example identifying, managing, and reducing cost, mitigating security risks and operational impacts as well as comprehending new technology concepts and solutions.
CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ (CLO-002) Overview
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You're watching ITProTV. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] Welcome to Cloud Essentials Plus. Thank you so much for joining us for this course. I'm your host Sophie, I'm currently studying for this exam and I plan on taking it once we complete this course. And I am joined by our subject matter expert Wes Brian, Wes, thank you so much for joining me here today. Yeah absolutely, it's a pleasure and it's a pleasure to be diving into this course. Yeah, I've got a background in teaching, and I've been teaching technical courses now for better part of a decade. And I specialize in the CompTIA courses, I specialize in A plus, Net plus and Security Plus. And, now I'm going to be diving in and bringing you the cloud essentials plus certification. So I look forward to this, and I have an extensive background in technical training. Well as I mentioned, I am planning on taking this exam once we finish this, and I imagine a lot of you are as well. So what's in it for us, if we choose to watch this course? Sure, this of course is specifically driven towards the certification exam. If you are trying to get Cloud Essentials Plus certified, then this course is going to be for you. If maybe you just wanna be familiar, familiarize yourself. If you are a non technical person, and you wanna be able to understand a little bit more about the cloud, well this is also for you. But the primary goal of this course, is to make sure that you can get certified in the cloud essentials plus exam. So what are some of the other goals of this course, and what's kind of the structure? Sure, so when I prepare for a course and this course specifically one of the ways that we did it, is we took the exam objectives. That you can get up on Compton's website, and we structured according to the exam objectives. And what we do is we go strategically through every single one of the exam objectives from beginning to end, and we teach you the concepts that are called out on the exam, by those objectives. And in some cases it's not only just about the objectives, will put additional material in here to help you in some scenarios. Where maybe it wasn't expressly called out by the exam objectives, but maybe implied. So we follow the exam objectives, and that's how we structure the course. And you mentioned that this is an exam driven course. So as somebody who's taken the exam, impart your wisdom upon me, what is the exam like? All right, so one of the first places I would say, if you're ever gonna take any CompTIA certification, is to go right up to CompTIA website. They've got a variety of their certifications that they can explain to you, what you might face when taking that exam, let me show you here. So this is the CompTIA Cloud Essentials Plus, you can do this for any CompTIA exam that you're going to take. And I encourage you to, because if you want to know what's on the exam, what should you be studying? Well this is the place to go, so let's go ahead. What I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna just go ahead and go right to exam details, and this is gonna scroll right down to the bottom of the screen. It's gonna show you what you can expect, as far as the exam description, what the exam code is. Notice that this course is going to prepare you for the CL0 dash 002 exam. Noticed that its launch date was in November 2019, and you can see that what what is going to be testable on this. Validates the candidate's knowledge and the skills required to make clear and conscious decisions about cloud technologies and their business impact. By evaluating use cases, financial impacts, cloud technologies, deployment models and a knowledge of cloud computing. And that's what we plan on introducing you to in this course. Number of questions it is multiple choice, 75 questions and passing score here you can see is 720, and that is CompTIA's scoring range. I'm not exactly sure why they implemented that scoring range, but that is the scoring range for really all of their exams. 100 to 900, requiring a 720 on this one past, the length of the test is going to be 60 minutes. Now keep in mind that there is some recommended experience. So while we're gonna teach you in this course, the concepts that are the exam objectives, I do recommend getting a study guide. There are plenty out there that you can you can get off of amazon, and use that. So that if you do not have the six months to years experience, working as a business analyst in an IT environment, that's okay. That's recommended not required, but it is gonna require you to do an additional level of study. Meaning that certain things are going to be assumed, as we go through this course. And I would encourage you to get a study guide to go along, to back fill some of that information if you don't have it already. The price, we're here in the US, but wherever you're watching this, just adjust it to whatever your local currency is. You can see US dollars at the time of this recording is $130 to take this exam. Now I do wanna make you aware, that you can take this in the traditional brick and mortar testing centers. And you can see these right here, these are governed and owned by Pearson view. But if you are in a work from home situation, or maybe there's not a brick and mortar physical location near you. You can also take this online, through what is known as Pearson views on view testing platform, and you can see the links are right here on CompTIA website. So I would encourage you before you take this exam, to get familiar with these links. So that you know what's required of you the day that you decide that, hey it's time, let's take this exam, let's get certified. So we've got some information on why you're qualified to teach this course. Why are you excited about this course? I just love cloud technologies, and cloud technologies really are the wave of the future. They're not going anywhere, so any time that I can impart some of that knowledge and some of the fun of the cloud, and just the concept surrounding it. I'm a true geek at heart, I love to learn and if you like to learn, that's one of the reasons I'm excited about the course. Because we can impart some of the knowledge surrounding cloud based technologies. So that you whether again, whether you're an IT person, maybe you're a non technical person. You can have a better understanding and grasp some of the technologies and some of the solutions, surrounding cloud and the adoption of the cloud. Well I for one feel a lot more prepared, to go into this course having this overview now. So thank you so much for walking us through some of what we can expect, both in the course and on the exam. And thank you for joining us for this overview, we'll see you in the course. Thank you for watching, ITProTV.

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