CompTIA Network+ (N10-008)


In this course, the viewer will learn the following, design and implement functional networks as well as configuring, managing, and maintaining essential network devices. They will also look at various network devices such as routers and switches, as well as identifying benefits and drawbacks of existing network configurations. They will also look at common network security, standards, and protocols as well as troubleshooting common network issues.
CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) Overview
CompTIA’s Network+ validates the knowledge and skills needed to troubleshoot, configure and manage wired and wireless networks found in companies around the world. CompTIA Network+ certifies a professional-level understanding of emerging technologies, including cloud and virtualization technologies.
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You're watching ITProTv. [MUSIC] Welcome to another great show right here on ITProTV. That's right. We are going to introduce you to the CompTIA Network+ 10008 exam as well as this course. So let's go ahead and get started. I'm Ronnie Wong like I said and actually have with me Wes Bryan and he's gonna be of course our subject matter expert for this show. So Wes, why don't you go ahead and tell us a little bit about yourself as we get started? Most definitely, so I've been doing CompTIA technical training for a little bit better part of a decade now. And I've definitely taught things like A+, I've taught A Net + and several versions if you will of Net+ and now the N10008. And I've worked in traditional instructor led training as well as online, an online platform as well. So really excited about this course and being able to present it to you also that you all can get certified in that Net+ exam. Yeah, and in my background, I also have taught CompTIA in the past as well as Cisco. So the network infrastructure and of course the network technologies that we're talking about are right inside of my wheelhouse. I've also been instructor for about 15 years as well and of course helped out with a couple of different companies and helping them get their infrastructure set up too. So that means we are ready to dive into a little bit more. So Wes, when somebody starts with this course, what are they actually trying to get? Who's our particular target here? Our main audience Ronnie for this one is going to be those that are wanna be exam candidates. And by that, I mean that you are looking to get Net+ certified in the latest objectives as well as maybe you already have a Network + certification. Maybe you need some CEUs and you're trying to renew your certification. So you wanna find out what is the latest and greatest of the objectives that are contained within the Net+ exam. So really to audiences but with the main focus being those that are driving towards certification and that's what we hope to do here. We hope to give you a good overview of the concepts that you're gonna face when you sit in the exam booth come that Network + exam. All right, so Wes, if somebody's starting off with this show, is there any prerequisite that they have to have? Well, only the prerequisites, I would say that CompTIA recommends. CompTIA recommends that if you're coming into the Net + exam that you do have around well at least the A + certification on your belt. And because this is so heavily focused in networking, they also say at least nine to 12 months or about a year's experience in just generalized networking environment. And that's gonna be important when it comes to sitting this course, taking this course and the course itself. Well, it's gonna be divided into five domains, we're gonna start out with some of the basic foundational skills that you need really just learn the language of networking. So we'll start there and then we'll move into some additional topics. We'll move into implementations, will go from the foundations. Once we have that foundational information under our belts, we'll look into how we implement those technologies inside of modern networks as well. And then we'll move into the operational side of networking cuz that's gonna be important too. Once we've implemented it, implemented networks and these various technologies is important to maintain them and maintain them in an operational state. So that will be another domain that we're gonna be diving into. And well, like just most IT infrastructure today, it's gonna be important to be able to secure that infrastructure. So we'll also introduce you to the concepts of network security in one domain. Likewise, we'll look at variety of different techniques, maybe technologies, maybe some of the technologies that you've already been familiar with coming over from A+ and that's why CompTIA recommends A+ because there is some overlap in the Net + exam. And then finally the last domain that we're gonna look at when it comes to our overall structure of the course is going to be troubleshooting. How do we take some of the concepts that we've learned, some of the implementations, the operation, some of that security? And let's face it, if things don't go right, how do we get that network back online or how do we maintain the consistency of our network operations through troubleshooting Ronnie? So that's a little bit about what you can expect when you start this course. All right with this being a new iteration of the exam and that's why we're also doing this course as well. What can you tell us about some of the details about the exam? Sure, so let's go ahead. I'm actually up on the CompTIA's website. I would encourage any of you if you are starting out with this Net + exam, we are up at and then it's forward slash network. And I have just the, what does it say? Pound exam details. So, basically what you can do is just go to the Network + page on CompTIA's website. And really you can either scroll down to the bottom or you can just click the exam details. You can also get a good overview as to what to expect out of the objectives for the N10008. So looking at the exam itself, the exam structure really follows some of the previous revisions of the Net + exam. You can see that they also have N10007 here which is going to be retiring. Make sure that you understand which exam objective, body of objectives you want to study for because that's gonna be reflective on the exam that you take. And we can see that this allows us, part of the exam here is to validate the technical skills needed to establish, maintain and troubleshoot all of the essential networking concepts that businesses use to support themselves on a daily basis. And if we look at the number of questions, this really hasn't changed much over the years. And different editions are again, revisions I should say of the Net + exam, you can see it's gonna be 90 questions, they're gonna be multiple choice and potentially not only multiple choice but multiple answers as well. As well as some performance based questions where you might see things like dragon drops, you might see scenarios with diagrams. You might even see interactive screens that you have to work with to really just to prove to the exam vendor in this case CompTIA that you really have an understanding of the topics. The length of the test is gonna be 90 minutes. Keep in mind that you might see a couple of surveys. Pre survey, prior to starting the exam, a post survey after the exam is over, that doesn't adversely affect your score. You will be given 90 minutes. Test taking time or exam time to complete this exam. You can see the recommended experience that Ronnie and I were talking about A + certification, nine to 12 months experience in just general networking. And you can see the languages that are associated with these exams. You We're gonna be doing this one in English. [LAUGH] But pay attention if you are taking this in any other language. And then you can also see the testing providers that are available here. There are testing centers that are offered by Pearson VUE. There's also an online testing platform that you can take that if you can't get to a brick and mortar location to take the exam, you can take it online. Pay attention to both these links cuz they will offer you the step by steps and some of the prerequisites that you have to meet in order to take this exam. Whether you take it in person at a brick and mortar place or whether you take it online through some location like your work if you will or maybe a home office if you have it. Currently, the price of this exam is going to be 338 US dollars. We are talking about our locale here is the United States. So, this is US dollars here. So pay attention to whatever it might be based on where your geographical location is. But that's a little bit of the exam. The one thing that I didn't say is what is the passing score? What a passing score for the Network + exam is gonna be 720. And their scale for CompTIA on all their exams are 100 to 900 points so that you have to be aware that you will require a 720 to pass this. But right now Ronnie, that's a really a little bit about the exam, the exam format and what some of the viewers can expect when they decide to take the Net + exam. All right, also why are you excited about this particular course? Well, Ronnie, I've seen this course and this exam go through quite a few revisions and I really like hardware aspect. I like the networking aspects. So, I really get excited when we get to really change people's lives. I work with a lot of career changers that come in and maybe they're trying to better themselves and maybe get into the IT world. So, I really like teaching the core foundational CompTIA exams, A+, Net + and Security + because it helps people like myself who won't work career changer as well potentially get that job that they've been looking for and better and enrich their lives a little bit more. So, I absolutely love what I do and I love this course and I can't wait for you all to join us. All right, well that sounds exciting to me and hopefully it's also exciting to you as we get started in the N 10008 and if you're ready to get started, all it is the very next click right there in the video list. Thank you for watching ITProTV. [MUSIC]

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  • 4.0 - Network Security
  • 5.0 - Network Troubleshooting
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