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The CompTIA Project+ show is for information technology (IT) professionals who need to assist in coordinating projects or manage small projects. A viewer of the show in addition to personal study will gain knowledge and skills required to assist in planning and managing a small-to-medium-size project. He or she will understand the project life cycle, learn steps to establish a communication plan, manage resources and stakeholders, maintain project documentation and artifacts, and support the completion of larger projects within an information technology (IT) environment.. The show helps prepare CompTIA Project+ candidates with at least 6–12 months of hands-on experience managing projects in an IT environment.
CompTIA Project+ (PK0-005) Overview
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line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>>> You're watching it. line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>>> Welcome into project. Plus, I'm your host Lauren Deal line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>and also be your 3rd or advocate throughout this line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>course. But I'm so excited to welcome Robin Abernathy, line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>who has a lot of experience with project management, line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>but she's also our subject matter experts throughout the line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>course. Welcome, Robin. Thank you, Lauren. So hi, guys. line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>I'm just a little bit about myself. I have prepared content line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>for the project plus exam for many years. I do have a book on line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>the subject and I have lots of CompTIA and it's because I have line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>tons of their certifications. So I hope I helped guide you line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>along the way in this learning process and can give you those line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>little tidbits that can help you and that you have a line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>certification success. Well, I have to say as a learner and line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>very excited to get the score started, but what who this line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>course be best for or what's in it for me as a learner? Well, line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>Lauren, for learner, of course, you're going to get that line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>validation that you have certain knowledge and skills, line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>OK? And when you have that validation and Ken Lay that line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>piece of paper in front of your boss or maybe in front of a new line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>potential employer, it speaks volumes. It out not only speaks line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>that, you know, the step that that you've taken the time to line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>validate that, you know these things and it can lead to line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>advancement. This is a starting point for project management, line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>but it's a great starting point. Okay. And you need to line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>really dive into this if you love it like I did line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>built or knowledge and even high on the project management line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>scale. Well, it sounds like a lot of opportunities for line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>advancement and just having a better knowledge in your line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>workplace. But let's talk about the structure of this when line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>we're moving forward into the course has this line with our line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>goals overall. All. Okay. So guys, line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>best of my project management knowledge. I did kind of line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>structure this around the topics as I know them and tried line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>to make it more logical and a group of things together. line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>So the content just made sense. There was no reason to jump all line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>around and go here and then go over here. I tried to keep the line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>things that were related to gather together so that it make line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>more sense for you. line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>Well, and we appreciate that because it's based off of your line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>experience as a project manager and what makes sense for a good line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>flow. But when it comes to CompTIA and their structure, line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>what does that look like? So, guys, let's take a little line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>bit of time here to get to their website so I can show you line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>a few things and how you can find out about this. Okay. line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>So first of all, we have the top 10 dot org site. This is line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>their main site and they have all of the certifications here. line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>It's not just project. Plus, there's many other line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>certifications. So in order to look for information about line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>project, plus, specifically, you would click, click on or line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>just hover over certifications and you're going to go down and line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>click the project. Plus to see it down there. Look how nice line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>that looks when you get there here on this page, you're going line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>to get an overview of the exam where they give you a brief line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>description out here. By the way, they're going to top that. line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>They're going mention that there's 2 additions right now. line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>We're on the newest addition is what we're covering. But there line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>is an elder edition line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>and they give you a link down here, paid him down. You can line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>fill out the information over here and you can download those line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>objectives. They just want you to get a little bit of line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>information, which is typical. And then they have a little bit line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>of descriptive information over here about the exam at sales line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>that tells you who should take it. It also says things like line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>the number of questions, 90 the types of questions, you'll say line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>multiple choice and performance-based. The amount line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>of time you're going to be given, which is 90 minutes, line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>the minimum score, which is 710 and then finally you'll get line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>a prompt. The pricing details you can buy factors that are line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>cheaper than this. But the maximum pressure can pay for line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>this exam is $358. Well, this actually is really helpful to line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>be able to navigate the site and see how they structure it. line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>But you mentioned earlier about some of career advancement. line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>What what kind of jobs could be looking at after this exam? line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>So CompTIA does list a few job titles that are kind of related line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>to this exam, to remember that this is considered a good base line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>for your project management knowledge. It's not the higher line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>level one. So you've got things like project coordinator or line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>team member. You've got business and and you've got line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>things like manager and director. You're getting this line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>like I said, base level knowledge that will serve you line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>too. If you enjoy this material to go further and get a higher line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>level project management certification like the Pmp. line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>How awesome? Well, I'm excited because this might be in my line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>near future as well as yours. But why are you excited about line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>this course? Well, I'm excited because I know that this is line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>going to help the learner. It was a I thoroughly enjoyed line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>developing the content. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching me line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>the content. And I hope that when you come out of this line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>course that you're going to gain knowledge, you're gonna gain line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>that certification. The certification is really line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>important, guys. And I just hope to hear your stories. line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>So let me know write to me. Let me know your success. line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>You know, seeing your questions. We have a we had the line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>avenues that we can communicate with you and we would love to line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>hear from you. Well, you know what? I'm excited to get line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>started. So let's not waste any more time. Let's start the line:-1 <v.Female.spk2 Speaker2>first episode. line:-1 <v.Male.spk1 Speaker1>>> Thank you for watching ITProTV.

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Here are the topics we'll cover

  • What Is a Project?
  • IT Project Management Concepts
  • Project Management Security Concepts
  • IT Projects Frameworks and Methodologies
  • Project Factors
  • Manage Scope and Requirements
  • Manage Schedule
  • Manage Budget
  • Manage Quality and Performance
  • Manage Resources
  • Engage Stakeholders
  • Manage Communications and Meetings
  • Manage Procurements
  • Manage Risks and Issues
  • Control Changes
  • Project Life Cycle Artifacts and Activities
  • Project Tools
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