Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions (AZ-305)


The Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification is a way to validate your knowledge & expertise in designing cloud and hybrid solutions that run on Microsoft Azure in areas that include implementing, securing, managing, and monitoring identity, governance, storage, compute, and virtual networks. This course will cover the objectives outlined by Microsoft to prepare you to take the Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions exam.
Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions (AZ-305) Overview
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WEBVTT Hello, everybody. Welcome to the Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions AZ305 course. I'm Adam Gordon. I'm going to be your success guide for everything you need to know to be able to take and counter and pass the AZ exam. In this course, we're going to be taking a look at all of the different areas that we can focus on as an architect recommending and making design solution decisions. I want to be clear about this upfront because this is really important. This exam is going to be primarily solution-based. You're going to be asked a series of questions, scenarios we would often refer to them as, and you're going to need to make choices based on the requirements in that scenario. It is not a skills-based exam exclusively nor even primarily, meaning unlike AZ104, AZ500, many of the other Azure courses and exams that are associated with them where you're asked to engage in one or more tasks and go into the portal in a simulated environment and do something and deploy something and configure something and show you know how to do as well as understand how to think about integrating. Here, primarily, this is going to be about choosing the right capability for the right outcome. And as I'll talk about throughout the course, it's not going to be so much about, hey, how do I build that? What are the steps? What do I do? I'm going to encourage you to follow up on those activities if you're interested or look at other courses where you can find more detailed information about how to do those things. But here, for purposes of this exam and this content, we're going to focus on solutions. And as a result of that, what we're going to focus on and join me here so you can see them right on screen is four topical main big topical areas that Microsoft breaks the outline content down into. We're going to be looking at and see everyone begins with the word design. Design identity governance and monitoring solutions, design data storage solutions, design business continuity solutions, design infrastructure solutions. And notice three of the four are specified as being 25 to 30 percent of the overall material coverage on the exam, meaning the exam is roughly going to be spread equally among those three solutions with 10 to 15 percent for BCDR thrown in as well. We're going to have a lot of fun going through the material. Primarily, we'll be talking about solutions and showing you guidance on how to make good choices towards the end of the course. If you go in order, especially as we get into the infrastructure solutions area, I'll actually be demoing some of the technology that you may not have had a chance to see and may not work with every day. And we'll go into the portal, sneak a peek at some things. But again, I want to be clear not to focus on how to deploy, but rather to show you how those technologies are going to be configured, let you see them up close and personal and put them into the context of making good recommendations. I'm excited about the opportunity to spend time with you going through this material. I spend a lot of time in the real world working with customers and in classrooms, teaching people how to not only take and pass this exam, but work with this material in the real world, implementing and designing solutions, both your on premises and data center environments globally. And I want to share that information, that knowledge and that passion with all of you. I am ready. I hope you are as well. All we need to do is stop going through the overview and start going through the content. I'm going to wish you good luck and I'm going to look forward to seeing you as soon as you're ready and when you are. Please move on and join me for our AZ 305 adventure. Take care everybody. I'll see you soon.

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18h 45m
55 Episodes

Here are the topics we'll cover

  • Design a Solution for Logging & Monitoring
  • Design Authentication & Authorization Solutions
  • Design Governance
  • Design Identities & Access for Applications
  • Design a Data Storage Solution for Relational Data
  • Design Data Integration
  • Recommend a Data Storage Solution
  • Design a Data Storage Solution for Non-relational Data
  • Design a Solution for Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Design for High Availability
  • Design a Compute Solution
  • Design an Application Architecture
  • Design Migrations
  • Design Network Solutions
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