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The Implement a Hybrid Network Infrastructure show is for information technology (IT) professionals who want to prepare for Microsoft's AZ-800 Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure exam. This course specifically covers the fourth domain of the AZ-800 exam, Implement and manage an on-premises and hybrid networking infrastructure, which is 15-20% of the exam. A viewer of the show in addition to personal study will gain knowledge and skills required for implementing and managing an on-premises and hybrid networking infrastructure, including implementing on-premises and hybrid name resolution, managing IP addressing in on-premises and hybrid scenarios, and implementing on-premises and hybrid network connectivity.
Implement a Hybrid Network Infrastructure Overview
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WEBVTT Hello, everybody. We'd like to take a few moments just to let you know what you can expect in the Implement a Hybrid Network Infrastructure. I'm going to be your host and learner advocate, Wes Bryan, throughout this course. And I have a little over a 10-year, maybe a little better than a decade background in technical instruction. I'm a technical instructor. I'm a former Microsoft certified trainer. I teach a variety of Microsoft courses, including teaching things like the MMCSA tracks, as well as some other non-Microsoft certifications. And I really, really look forward to just helping you, all the viewers, navigate through some of those, at times, some of the complex topics that we will be tackling. But here to make it your life a whole bunch easier when it comes to these topics is Mrs. Robin Abernathy. Robin, tell our viewers a little bit about yourself. Well, I'm Robin Abernathy, and I've been involved in the certification prep industry for a very long time, for probably a couple of decades now. I have worked in the practice test environment when developing practice tests. I've been writing study guides. So a lot of what I've been doing, the most of what I've been doing in the past years, has been writing about all the certification topics. I have done some classroom training. While it wasn't my primary job, I think we all kind of dabble in different areas. And so I did do some classroom training. But I have come to ACI Learning, and I'm an edutainer now, and I've started tackling some of this Azure and hybrid stuff. So I'm really excited. All right, you kind of let the cat out of the bag. I've said at a high level overview, this is going to be about implementing hybrid network infrastructure. So you're going to see discussions on some about on-premises nature, as well as the cloud-based nature. Now for a little bit more specifics about what this course is, Robin, I'm going to ask you that question. What is this course about? So this course is about having a hybrid infrastructure that includes implementing the DNS aspect, whether you're doing your DNS servers on-prem or whether you're using some Azure solution like Azure Active Directory. We also take some time to talk about DHCP and IP addressing because we have to make sure that our clients have the appropriate IP addresses assigned and that they can communicate. And then last, we talk about the on-premise and hybrid network connectivity and how to make you be able to implement all your solutions in a hybrid fashion, whether you're putting the solutions on your on-prem network or whether you're deploying them somewhere out in Azure and having to make all the things talk. Now, as far as our viewers go, who is this course designed for as far as our audience? Well, our audience for this is any network administrator or a systems administrator that feels like their organization is going to be transitioning or maybe they've already started transitioning to some sort of a hybrid environment. Remember, we're talking about you have on-prem resources as well as those hybrid resources and you want to be able to keep things communicating correctly and also to keep your users happy. And we know the cloud is, although it's been out there for a few years, some of the things that we do in it are still new to those of us that have been doing it on-prem for years and years. This is also a good course for someone who is going to be prepping for the AZ 800 exam. So maybe you're taking this course just for general knowledge because you want to improve in your job or hey, if you're taking this course, why not take the next step also and go ahead and try to get that Azure certification. There you have it. I tell you now, one of the reasons I know that I'm excited about this course is I really love cloud technologies. I like networking technology. So I'm really looking forward to this and I know that I'm going to be expanding my knowledge in a hybrid infrastructure as I go through this course, helping to advocate for your learning capabilities as well. Robin, what makes you excited about this course? Well, what I'm so excited about is in a lot of these technologies, even though I knew how they work and I've been working with them for years, the Azure build-in, this making it from an on-prem to a hybrid solution, there's been a learning curve for me as well. And I particularly enjoyed it because I've discovered new ways of doing things that hey, my old way worked, but gosh, it sure took a while. Or hey, you know, if I've got to upgrade that resource in the old days, I had to actually break that computer apart and do things, you know, replace parts, do whatever. With these new solutions that we've got coming up, man, it's so much easier to deploy these technologies. And hey, we can have some sort of a hybrid solution. It doesn't have to all be in the cloud, but neither does it have to all be on-prem. All right, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. If implementing a hybrid network infrastructure inside of Azure is what you enjoy watching, well, go ahead and join Robin and I in the first episode by pushing play.

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