Implement and Manage User Identities


This course has been designed for IT professionals and administrators who manage identities and wish to deepen their understanding of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). You’ll learn how to effectively implement and manage user accounts, handle Azure AD authentication, and configure self-service password reset. We’ll further explore the management of guest accounts, and we'll discuss the best practices around Azure AD object management. By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the necessary skills to manage user identities efficiently and securely.
Implement and Manage User Identities Overview
Join Charles and Sophia as they guide you through the essentials of implementing and managing user accounts and Azure AD objects, among other crucial elements. Equip yourself with the skills to effectively manage user identities for bolstered security and efficient operations in your organization.
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WEBVTT Welcome and thanks for joining us for this overview for the course Implement and Manage User Identities. I'll be your host throughout the course. My name is Sophie Goodman. I am an edutainer here at ACI Learning. You may have seen me hosting various other courses. I usually focus on security stuff, so I'm pivoting a little bit and it's going to be fun. I'll be your learner advocate along the way, asking questions that you might have at home, so that you can learn better, because isn't that really what we're here for? Of course, Charles Pluda is over here to my right. Brain fog. Charles is going to be walking us through this material teaching us how all of this works. Charles, could you tell us a little about yourself? Sure. Thanks, Sophie. My name is Charles. I'm a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Happy to help you go through this course today. As mentioned, this course and this module is focused on user identities. So we've separated this out, I would say probably in four main sections. The first thing that we'll look at are some things that the intra ID tenant level. So this is the new name for Azure Active Directory. So anything relative to the tenant itself, this could be like roles, admin units, RBAC and permissions, things like that. The second of the four would be the user identities themselves. So creating users and groups, the different types of groups and membership there, as well as custom attributes and licenses. Then we'll go into external identities. So this might be invitations or collaborations with other businesses, other organizations. We'll look at like cross-tenant settings and collaboration settings, self-service sign-up, as well as the different identity providers that you could add in there. Then finally, we'll go into a hybrid identity. So we'll talk about Intra Connect, both the regular tool as well as Cloud Sync. So those are the two ways to do synchronization. As well as how to design for authentication, we'll look at some federation and then get into health and troubleshooting. So quite a lot of information to cover. It all revolves around identities using Intra with a little bit of on-prem hybrid mixed in. You mentioned it, probably should have led with it. This is a Microsoft course. So if you're not a Microsoft guy, gal, whatever, you're probably not in the right place. But we are going to learn quite a bit in this course and it's going to be fun. We're going to make sure of it. Just to double check, I'm obviously pretty new to this stuff. For those that are watching this course, are there any prerequisites, any previous knowledge that they should have going into it? Yeah, I would say this is probably not like a beginner course. I'm going to assume that you probably already have a lot of either on-prem experience with Active Directory, or you've been using Azure AD and Intra for a while, because we're going to just jump in with things that are very specific to the technology. So if this is your first time signing into either the Azure portal, the Intra portal, you probably want to go through some fundamentals first, just understand what the Cloud services, what it's meant to do, what it's offered before jumping into this. Well, I feel pretty prepared going into this, having a heads up as to what we're going to learn. So Charles, thanks for walking us through some of these objectives that we'll cover. Thank you for joining us for this overview, and we'll see you in the course.

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  • Course Overview
  • Configure and Manage a Microsoft Entra Tenant
  • Create, Configure, and Manage Microsoft Entra Identities
  • Implement and Manage Identities for External Users and Tenants
  • Implement and Manage Hybrid Identity
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