Implement Authentication and Access Management


Ideal for IT professionals, and administrators responsible for organizational security, this course delves into Azure AD multifactor authentication, how to implement Conditional Access and manage its policies, and the way to configure application registration and consent. By exploring effective strategies for permissions, app integration, and OAuth2 authentication, you will acquire the necessary skills to effectively manage authentication and optimize access management in Azure environments for bolstering organizational security.
Implement Authentication and Access Management Overview
Join Charles and Sophia as they guide you through an in-depth exploration of Azure AD multifactor authentication, Conditional Access policies, and application registration. Gear up to enhance your expertise in managing authentication and optimizing access control to reinforce your organization's security.
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WEBVTT Welcome and thanks for joining us for this overview for the module on implementing authentication and access management. Just a heads up, this is a Microsoft focused course. So if you don't like Microsoft, well then you're in the wrong place. I'm Sophie Gopin and I'll be your host for this course. I'm going to be a learner advocate asking questions of Charles here along the way. Just things you might be wondering at home to help us understand this material a little bit better. But Charles is going to be the Grand Master when it comes to explaining this stuff. Charles Pluto, would you tell us a little about yourself? Yeah, thanks Sophie. Hey everyone, my name is Charles. I wish I was a chess Grand Master. That would be a nice thing to add to my resume. But I'm a Microsoft certified trainer, happy to talk to you through this course and this specific module on anything to do with user access management. So this is mainly in the intra-portal of the Microsoft services, the identity provider for pretty much anything Microsoft Cloud through Azure, Dynamics, Power BI, Intune, SharePoint, Outlook. The intra-identity platform handles the authentication for all of those things. So through this course, we'll talk about some user-specific or in this module, we'll talk about user-specific access settings. So this might be things around multi-factor authentication, conditional access, different identity protection features, looking at risky events and sign-ins and how to monitor that, configuring those access policies and combining them with something like device compliance or multi-factor authentication. Just making sure that the authentication and the access control to the resources and applications that we have running in our tenant follows the best practices and those are done in a secure manner. Now, before we get too stuck into this content, since we're still in the overview, we want to make sure that part of what we're doing is giving you a heads up as to the little difficulty that we're going to be encountering. So if we're beginners to this stuff, do we need any prerequisite knowledge coming into this? Yeah, I would suggest or hope that you have a little bit of knowledge already on just the foundations of identity management. Hey, this is intra, this is where users and groups are created. We're also going to be looking at the Azure portal. So hopefully you've got a little bit of Azure experience, at least like deploying resources. We get into things like Azure Key Vault, the different roles and permissions that are available within an Azure subscription. So hopefully you've got some Azure fundamentals, just like Microsoft Cloud fundamentals, you know what those users and licenses are, so that you can jump into the portal and start to configure these things. Yeah, what he said. I think that pretty much covers everything we wanted to get into in this overview, just getting you prepped for what you can expect from Charles and I in this course, what we're going to be going through and how much fun we are going to have, and we are going to have fun. I know I sound like I'm being sarcastic, but we actually are having a good time shooting this stuff. So thanks for joining us for this overview. We look forward to going over this material with you, and we'll see you in the course.

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Here are the topics we'll cover

  • Course Overview
  • Plan, Implement, and Manage Microsoft Entra ID User Authentication
  • Plan, Implement, and Manage Microsoft Entra Conditional Access
  • Manage Risk by Using Microsoft Entra Identity Protection
  • Implement Access Management for Azure Resources by Using Azure Roles
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