Implement Enterprise Splunk for Your Business


The Implement Enterprise Splunk for your Business course seeks to get students up and running quickly with Splunk Enterprise. This course begins with a look at the fundamentals of Splunk as an important component in the business processes of a modern organization. We review the main components of Splunk and just how remarkable this product can become for your business. This course then dives deep into the configuration, maintenance, and support of Splunk operations for a modern company. This is one of three courses planned that center around the administration of Splunk Enterprise. NOTE: Many of these videos also are applicable to Splunk Cloud.
Implement Enterprise Splunk for Your Business Overview
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WEBVTT (upbeat music) - Welcome in, I'm your host Lauren Deal and I'll also be your learner advocate going along as we ask Anthony all of the questions about Splunk. Now Anthony, tell us a little bit about who you are and why you're interested in Splunk. - Sure, so I am a full-time edutainer here at ACI Learning and I spent a year of my life prior to coming to ACI Learning with Splunk as an internal Splunk employee in their education department. So I first became really obsessed with teaching the end user aspects of Splunk. How do you search, how do you create reports, how do you create alerts, how can you notify someone via email if a certain event happens, all that kind of end user stuff. Then I really started exploring administration of large Splunk systems. So Splunk has a very, very special place in my heart. It is an amazing product and I can't wait to help our learners with it. - Well, I'm excited to be learning along with you as Anthony answers all the questions you may have. But Anthony, when we're jumping into this course, what are some of the things that a learner might expect? - Yeah, one of the things that I'm gonna do a lot of is dispelling of myths. There's a lot of myths out there about Splunk. So we're gonna dispel those and I'm also gonna make sure that you avoid some of the most common pitfalls, really embarrassing things like, oh, I'm gonna show this great query and you get no results because you forgot the time range picker. There are gotchas here and I want you to master Splunk with as little pain as possible. - I love that. And for someone who has never heard of the word Splunk before, maybe give us a little taste as to what that is. - Yeah, the word Splunk is a great one and it does come from, Lauren, as you had guessed, very impressive, because I didn't know. It comes from spelunking, which is dangling from a rope in a cave. Something I wouldn't do in a million years. You're like repelling into a cave. It sounds awful, but it is what they were thinking of when they gave it the name Splunk because they were thinking of this cave of all of a company's data and you'd be diving into that cave to harvest out all this great information. - Okay, well, it sounds like an adventure and it sounds like a great time, so let's not waste another minute and let's jump into our first episode.

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