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NodeJS has brought JavaScript to the server as well as the desktop programming environments. With this escape from the browser, JavaScript provides the ability to leverage your understanding of JavaScript to create new and powerful applications. If you want to power up your understanding of JavaScript using the NodeJS platform then join us!
Intro to NodeJS Overview
In this episode, Daniel and Justin give a general overview of what to expect in the upcoming Intro to NodeJS series. They cover topics like who is the intended audience, what the scope of the series will cover, and what are some specific topics that will be addressed.
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[MUSIC] In this segment we're going to give you a brief overview of what to expect from our upcoming intro to NodeJS series. Justin if you could do us the favor of giving us an idea of some general concepts and things that we're going to take a look at throughout this series. So, we're really going to focus on what is Node, right? You should know a little bit of JavaScript and, well, Node relies on the fact that you know JavaScript. But what is Node? How are we going to use module bundling? How are we going to create our own modules? What is an event admitter, what is well, a stream? What is an HTP server, maybe even a little bit of TCP work. So we're trying to understand the Node ecosystem, not necessarily just the JavaScript language. Okay, and who would you say is the intended audience for this type of series? So I handed out this, just a moment ago, but you should definitely have some JavaScript programming experience. You should know a little bit about Linux because that's kind of where it runs. And well, if you don't have those two, this is probably gonna be a non-starter for you. There's gonna be some topics that are assumed that you know, such as JavaScript, as well as some basic server type stuff, whether it be TCP or HTTP. So if you don't know those, it could be an issue. Definitely some words of wisdom from Mr. Dennison over here. Now that being said, I know at ITProTV, we do a lot of certification based, is this one of those types of courses or is this more of one our more technical type of series? This is definitely geared toward someone who's like, well I know I've got browser side JavaScript. I know a little bit about computers. I want to know more about this Node that everybody's talking about. I want to level up my skills. There is not currently a certification associated with this content. But if you want to know more about Node, how to use node to build not only server based applications, but desktop applications this is where you want to start. And well, we're going to continue on and maybe build a couple of those just to see how it all plays together. All right well it sounds very fascinating very interesting, looking forward to it. And if it sounds fascinating and or interesting to you, we look forward to seeing you in the upcoming series. [MUSIC]

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