IT Risk Assessment Practices


Risk practitioners analyze and evaluate IT risk to determine the likelihood and impact on business objectives to enable risk-based decision making. In this second of four courses to prepare you for the CRISC exam, you will learn about IT Risk Identification and IT Risk Analysis/Evaluation.
IT Risk Assessment Practices Overview
In this episode, Chris and Wes introduce you to this module of the CRISC certification.
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WEBVTT Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for tuning into another great series here at ACI Learning. We'd like to take a little bit of time here and let you know a little bit about the course that you're about to watch. This is going to be ISOCA certified in risk and information systems control. And I'm going to be your host and learner advocate. My name is Wes Bryan. And over the last 10 years or better, I have been a technical instructor. I hold various industry certifications, including CompTIA certifications, Microsoft certifications, LPI certification as well. And I'm really, really looking forward to diving into such a great body of topics with you and helping advocate for your success. Now, the person that's going to be driving your success is this gentleman right here, Mr. Chris Ward. Can you tell our viewers a little bit about yourself? Oh, well, thank you very much. Like Wes said, I've been also very similar kind of environment with many, many different certifications over the years from technical side of things to more in the, I would say, these latter years, working in the world of IT service management, project management, governance, risk. Of course, that's why we're going to be talking about C-Risk, which is a great program and a great certification for you to have. Now, here's the thing. This is number two of four courses that are going to be combined to help prepare you for the C-Risk certification. If you haven't checked out the first one, go ahead and do that. But the nice thing is you can do them in any order that you like. And because this is IT Pro as part of ACI learning, you can binge them as much as you want. So what are we going to be covering in this particular course? Great question. Well, first off, we're going to be talking more about IT risk assessment practices. This is where we're going to start breaking things down into risk identification, risk analysis, risk response planning. And then we're also going to be, we'll touch a little bit about some of the monitoring of risk, which will be in the next course. And you are going to enjoy this because we're going to give you a lot of definitions that you're going to know and understand. We are going to break down each one of these steps in the process for risk management. And we want you not to only pass the exam. We also want you to maybe learn some real world tips and tricks to help you in your day to day. So join us for this course. I think you're going to enjoy it. Wes, it's going to be great with you. Very good. All right, ladies and gentlemen, if the ISACA C risk is what you enjoy, go ahead and push play. And you can see Chris and myself in the very first episode.

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  • Performing IT Risk Identification
  • Conducting IT Risk Analysis and Evaluation
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