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The ITIL 4 Create, Deliver and Support qualification is one of the pre-requisites for the designation of ITIL 4 Managing Professional which assesses the candidate’s practical and technical knowledge about how to run successful, modern IT-enabled services, teams and workflows. Access to select content requires an exam voucher
Accredited ITIL®4 Create, Deliver, and Support Overview
Based on AXELOS ITIL® material. Material is reproduced under license from AXELOS. All rights reserved. ITIL® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved. An overview of the ITIL®4 Create, Deliver, and Support Course *Access to this content requires an exam voucher*
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You're watching IT PRO TV. Mm hmm. Hello and thank you for watching IT PRO TV, and this is ITIL 4, create deliver and support. I'm Zach Memos. Yes- You're not. [LAUGH] I'm Jo Peacock and I'm going to be with you throughout this entire series. So are you, aren't you? Yes, I am absolutely. What are you gonna be doing? Well actually gonna be hosting this course, and- You you are why? Well you and I worked together on many different courses and just recently I'm pretty happy to say, that I passed the ITIL 4 foundation sample papers and I'm gonna go ahead and take the exam as well. Yes, you are- So I love ITIL I think I'm working with Jo is terrific. [LAUGH] Jo why are you here? Well, hang on a minute before we get into that about me. I mean I just wanna sort of, Zach's very, very humble, but I need to add some context to this, cuz one of the reasons why I'm hosting with Zach, is the fact that Zach's not only completed his ITIL foundation, but Zach is also worked with a number of governance courses. So he's done a lot of project management with me, Right. He's also done some security as well and risk management too, I'm the one. So Zach has kind of got himself completely immersed in governance and- Love it. He loves it, it's either that or he can't get it off of working with me really. [LAUGH] I think that's more that's about it, Yeah, So what about your background? Dear. I have been in IT for, well in governance for over 30 years now, I'm old, [LAUGH] [LAUGH] That's okay, I think my current accreditations around about 50, 50 plus a few more than that, I'm not too sure. They're the current active ones and that I've been working sort of with the RGC with AXL lost three months or they were RGC frameworks before that. So, I teach PRINCE 2, all of the versions that we've had a PRINCE 2, I also teach ITIL from version two, right the way through to ITIL four, right up to master. I teach all of the project management agile, I teach PMP, I teach, what else do I teach? Risk management, international standards as well. So I'm kind of immersed in governance. I think I live and die in governance. So I think, you know, a little bit about ITIL for create, deliver and support, don't you? Smidge, just a- Smidge right now. Now the learners at home watching or the learners just watching it happen to be sitting over there in the corner of our studio, what can they hope to glean from this course? Right well, so we started off with the ITIL 4 foundation course. Now I say we started off with because if you're watching this course you have to have not only watched the ITIL 4 course, but you also have to have passed the ITIL 4 exam. You don't have to pass the exam in order to sit this particular course, but you do have to pass the exam in order to be able to take the CDS as we're gonna call it, we're not gonna call it create delivering sport. It's a bit of a mouthful. So you do have to have passed the ITIL 4 foundation exam in order to take the CDS exam. So what we're going to be doing is we are going to be expanded on everything that we covered in ITIL 4 foundation. And we're going to be looking at the specific sort of principles and all of the work behind the create deliver and support activities. So we're going to be looking at the creation of a service. We're going to be looking at how we can then deliver a service? And how we support a service as well, as well as we're going to be looking at the service value system in greater depth and we're going to be looking at what is needed within IT. We're not just talking about service management, we're talking about the entire life of a service. So what's needed within IT to be able to manage all of our services right the way through from the idea, and right the way through to that service actually being business as usual. And also then being improved and perhaps end of life as well. So we're going to be covering quite a lot in, create, deliver and support. But we are going to be focusing purely on creation of services, delivery of those services to the live environment and then the ongoing support of those services as well. And you've got a fantastic teacher right here. Now goals and maybe structure and details of the course. Anything else you wanna add? No, not really not for now. I mean the goals are obviously to pass the CDS exam, that is your goal and so we're gonna be working through everything that we need. We're gonna be working through the syllabus. The syllabus is actually attached to your learner resources. So in your next episode you'll be able to download both the slide deck that comes along with this particular series, and also the syllabus and some sample papers as well. So you will have access to those resources and we will be going through the syllabus. We're gonna start off with a quick recap of ITIL foundation, and then we'll be getting into will be diving into that syllabus and a lot more depth. So there is a certification involved here. And there is. Yeah is in fact and that will be a wonderful capital. Make him take. [LAUGH] Another one yet to take. So are you excited about this course, ITIL 4 create, deliver and support? I know I am I know Jo is, and we're excited to have you. So join us as we go through ITIL 4, create deliver and support. Thank you for watching IT PRO TV. Yeah.

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Here are the topics we'll cover

  • Overview
  • The Create, Deliver, and Support Exam
  • Foundation Recap
  • Concepts of a Service Value System
  • Using a Shift Left Approach
  • Planning and Managing Resources in the SVS
  • Value of Information and Technology in the SVS
  • Value Streams
  • Value Stream for Development of a new service
  • Value Stream for Restoration of a Live Service
  • How to Create Deliver and Support Services
  • Buy vs Build Considerations
  • Sourcing Models & Considerations
  • Service Integration and Management
  • Create, Deliver, and Support Sample Paper
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