Malicious Activity Detection and Analysis


Detecting and analyzing malicious activity is essential for cybersecurity professionals to prevent data breaches, protect against cyber attacks, identify threat actors, improve security posture, and comply with regulatory requirements. Without these activities, organizations are at risk of cyber threats that can cause significant financial and reputational damage. In this series, you will learn to identify indicators of potentially malicious activity, become familiar with commonly used tools and techniques for determining malicious activity, explore the collection and utilization of Cyber Threat Intelligence(CTI) and Threat Hunting concepts, and how to improve efficiency and process of security operations.
Malicious Activity Detection and Analysis Overview
In this episode, we take a few moments to meet the hosts and go over what you can expect from this course.
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WEBVTT (upbeat music) Welcome and thanks for joining us for the overview for this course, malicious activity detection and analysis. I almost stumbled over that word there. A lot of big words. I'm gonna be your host for this course, Sophie Goodwin. I've been hosting other security focused courses alongside Daniel and I did recently obtain my first cybersecurity certification. So I'm excited about that. And that means that you're just in the best hands possible. Really, I know what I'm talking about. But enough about me, you wanna hear more about Daniel Lowry, our subject matter expert for this course. I'm doing great. I feel like I should have just let you see the whole dang thing. Cause I feel like you can. And well, I had to do it, I guess. She made me, she forced my hand. And so you will see this face throughout this course as well, Sophia. But I will be the one teaching you the concepts and tools and all the fun things that we're gonna do throughout this. I do have cybersecurity experience probably the last six, seven years, I guess now, as well as industry recognized certifications along with that. So that's where we're coming from. I will take that knowledge, the years of hard earned learning and do my best to deliver that information to you so that you can take those skills, apply them to yourself, synthesize that into your person and then work in this space, which would probably be something like a SOC analyst, malware analysis, that kind of stuff. - So those of us that are gonna be watching this course, what exactly will we be getting out of it? - So what we will be getting out of this is a plethora of knowledge that will ready you for the potential hire into a role as something like a SOC analyst as an entry level. So things we're gonna cover in this course are gonna include indicators of potentially malicious activity. We also have a domain that covers tools and techniques for determining potentially malicious activity. A lot of malicious activities going on in this course, ladies and gentlemen. We also have threat intelligence and threat hunting. That is a lot of fun. We're gonna be covering some of the concepts around that, some tools you can use to make that happen, as well as efficiency and process improvement and security operations. Those are the four main domains that we'll be covering. It's kind of how I've split this up to kind of take this a chunk at a time. But hopefully at the end of this course, you will have some really relevant working skills for yourself so that you can apply that to your resume. Hopefully find those jobs or move up in your job role. - It sounds like the course is structured kind of, like you said, four domains and then each of those domains has like a handful of episodes. - That's exactly right. - Okay, awesome. So it's chunked out for you to make it manageable. But I tell you, it's gonna go by fast because we had a lot of fun recording this and I'm looking forward to getting into it. So thank you for giving us a heads up as to what we can expect in this course, malicious activity detection and analysis. And thank you for joining us for the overview. We'll see you in the course. (upbeat music)

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Here are the topics we'll cover

  • Analyze Indicators of Potentially Malicious Activity
  • Tools and Techniques for Determining Malicious Activity
  • Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting Concepts
  • Efficiency and Process Improvement in Security Operations
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