Managing Compliance using Microsoft Purview


The Managing Compliance using Microsoft Purview course at ACI Learning will walk you through all you need to know to be up and running successfully regarding the use of Microsoft Purview to help manage compliance in your organization. This course maps directly to the fourth domain of the MS-102 Microsoft 365 Administrator exam. This course covers the implementation of Microsoft Purview information protection and data lifecycle management. It also covers the implementation of Microsoft Purview for Data Loss Prevention (DLP).
Managing Compliance using Microsoft Purview Overview
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WEBVTT Welcome and thanks for joining us for this overview for managing compliance using Microsoft Purview. I'll be your host for this course, Sophie Goodwin. I'm going to be asking questions along the way that you might have at home, things you want to ask yourself. I'm going to be acting as a learner advocate. I am certified in cybersecurity, but for the purposes of this course, I'm going to be a learner. Anthony is going to be teaching us. Anthony, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself? Yeah. So my name is Anthony Sequera and I have been with ACI learning kind of on and off over the years, but now it's full-time on, so that's great. And here at ACI, I teach a variety of things. Cisco is my expertise. But in addition to that, plenty of Microsoft, Juniper, all kinds of topics and of course, all of the great CompTIA titles that we offer, I get involved in. So I am just, yeah, really thrilled to be here focusing on this really little known Microsoft technology. Well, as you can see, Anthony is more than qualified to be teaching this course. So for those of us that are going to be watching this course, what should our experience level look like? Yeah. So it's great once again in this course, if you have some Azure experience, we know that Microsoft is moving everything to Azure. This is not some kind of passing phase. It's just more and more, we hear about cloud-based tech from Microsoft. This is another one of those cloud-based technologies, Microsoft Purview. So the more you know about Azure, the better. So it looks from what I'm seeing here, like this course is kind of going to be split into two little sections about implementing Microsoft Purview and then implement Microsoft Purview DLP. Yes. And DLP in this context is data loss prevention. So we're going to show you some really neat capabilities of this product called Purview. Now, this is a pretty short module that Sophie and I are teaching by design from Microsoft. They just kind of wanted to give us a look at what Microsoft Purview is all about. And we're going to walk you through some of its key functionalities that I think will really open your mind to Purview, but look for from ACI learning more detailed courses that are specific in Purview in the future. This product, Microsoft Purview, is massive in what it can accomplish. We are just going to scratch the surface. Before we dive into these episodes, I'm curious, what are you most excited about when it comes to this course? I'm just excited to get everyone educated about Microsoft Purview. This is one of those titles where, in fact, one of our IT, one of our big IT people here, I mean, when I say, he is like at the near top of the food chain in our IT department, I said, we're going to be starting Microsoft Purview. And he looked at me and he went, what does that do again? You know, so it's one of those products that is not as familiar as like the Office Suite and Teams and SharePoint. Those are apps that everybody knows what they do, it seems, but there's a lot of confusion out there about what exactly Purview is and why we would use it. Well, thank you for giving us kind of an overview into a little bit about you and more about this course. I'm looking forward to jumping into managing compliance using Microsoft Purview. So thank you for joining us for this overview and we'll see you in the course.

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