Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) 2022


This series will help you prepare for the Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. This exam is designed for candidates looking to demonstrate foundational-level knowledge of cloud services and how those services are provided with Microsoft Azure.
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) 2022 Overview
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You're watching ITProTV. [MUSIC] Hi, welcome to the kick-off of Azure fundamentals, my name is Kelly Mac and I'm joined with the one and only, Wes Bryan. Wes, I'm so excited about Azure fundamentals. As you know, I started off with ITIL 4, the foundations, I passed that test and exam. And then, I went on with ITIL AMCS, which is Acquiring Managing Cloud Services. So, being that Azure is one of the biggest Clouds out there. I'm so excited to learn more about Azure with Azure fundamentals. So, Wes what about you? Sure. So, I kelly, I tell you I'm excited to be in part of this course as well because I've been teaching technical courses. I teach some of the committee of course is Microsoft certified trainer, I've taught the MCSA tracks in the past. And you know so, I had about a decade or better experience in teaching these I these IT technologies. So, definitely looking forward to that and I am going to be the one that is helping along with Kelly, drive some of the concepts and the knowledge that you're gonna learn in the AZ 900 or Azure fundamentals of course here. All right, well speaking of Azure fundamentals, what can the viewers expect to learn during this course? Okay so, this course really what we're this is driven towards certification. All right and in fact let me show you here we are going to take you through the skills measured for the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam. Now, I would encourage you all that are joining us to be familiar with this site because this is up on Microsoft website. If you just type in Exam AZ-900, you're gonna find it in your search engines. And it will allow you the ability to find out how to take that, where you can take the exam, the passing score, scheduling your exam with Pearson VUE. If you're in a brick and mortar solution, if you're maybe online, maybe you want to do your certification with not a brick and mortar. But maybe you want to do it from home, your work location. Pearson VUE also has on view and on view is a way that you can take your test online, provided that you pass some recommendations including testing your laptop and stuff. So, follow the Pearson VUE guidelines in order to do that. And you can see if you're a student, you're instructor, you can also use certain support. So, great information, you can see that the exam is $99 here. And essentially what we do, is we take the skills that are measured. We download them and that really, is what's going to drive towards the end of this episode, is that we hope you get sorta. Okay, awesome and that is the ultimate goal. So how is the course organized? Okay, so we kind of kinda mentioned a little bit of it. Right? So, I take the skills measured that we can find on the website that I showed you. And when I download them, I break them down and what we do is, we structure our episodes based on those skills measured. So, if we find that topic it's in the list, let's say for instance, let me give you an example as your monitor something that's in the list. And it's gonna be part of the skills measured on the exam. So, we're gonna include that in one of our episodes and we're gonna walk you through and tell you and describe what that is. So, that you can identify it on the exam and we take that approach for all of the topics that are in the skills measured and we present them to you in a way. That is consistent across the entire body of knowledge, that you're gonna need for the AZ-900 Exam. Okay, and finally, we call you an SME also a smee, subject matter expert. So as a smee, what has you excited about this course, Wes? I tell you, Cloud is the way of the future. So, anytime I get to put my hands in the Cloud and start to work with those those concepts for me personally, I absolutely love it. And because it is kind of the computing of the next generation. I'm excited cause I can bring it to you and if you're just getting started in the cloud. We can kinda demystify some of these concepts and not only make you aware and have a vocabulary for things like Cloud and Azure Cloud solutions. But you'll also have a vocabulary around a lot of the topics. And to me being able to now take somebody that maybe hasn't been familiar with the Cloud. And give them the information that they know to not only pass and be certified. But also to start to be able to speak the language of the cloud. As you go on in your journey to me is just so invaluable. And I'm just really, really excited and glad to be a part of your journey. Well I'm glad to have you here as a part of my journey, because I am going to be learning this and taking this course with you. And also looking forward to passing the exam. So, welcome to as your fundamentals. Thank you for watching ITProTV

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