People Skills for IT Professionals


A hands on primer for Soft Skills/People Skills in general communications, and public speaking. Get excited! In this course you will see and explore practical techniques, demonstrations and exercises to help you become a more engaging communicator!
People Skills for IT Professionals Overview
In this overview we will learn how People Skills for IT Pros will help us in general communications & other social skills, to be more successful at work, home, and social environments.
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You're watching IT Pro TV. [MUSIC] Hello, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning in to IT Pro TV. We're gonna be talking people skills for IT pros with Mr Zack Memos. I'm gonna be your host and joining you in this journey for a few episodes, and I am excited. My name's Wes Brian and I'm gonna technical instructor. And I've been doing this over a little over a decade now, teaching computer technologies, networking technologies as well as cyber security technologies. But you're not here for me. You're here for the wonderful gentleman standing to my right. That's Mr Zack Memos. Zach, tell our viewers a little bit about yourself. I don't know about me being wonderful, but I do know this. I've been with IT Pro TV going on four years so excited about that. My background heavy broadcast film and tape, radio and communications and a lot more than that. Zach, so let's talk now a little bit about the course itself, when we viewer click the play button for the first time. What is this course all about and what are they going to get out of it. Well, the first thing I wanna mention is that hard skills, which are certifications, are hands on their technical abilities and aptitudes. So important gotta have that. But soft skills are gonna get you the job. Soft skills are people skills. We're gonna go over what they really are and how you can use soft skills and communications, verbal and nonverbal, and go farther. Tell me a little bit about the audience scope here in your mind's eye. Who is this focus towards or who is the target audience? Well, the target audience is anyone who seeks to go further with your career. Anyone who seeks to go further, seeking advancement, getting a new job, making more money. In fact, remember, they're looking for soft skills people out there, people who are strong with soft skills, good communicators and that's what I think is this targeted for. Very good. All right, so tell us also a little bit about the course itself. What are some of the topics that we can expect to see as we move through this journey in people's skills for IT Pros? Well, obviously, communications is the big one. Okay. Communications, public speaking. And by the way, that's one of the greatest fears of a lot of people have public speaking. So we're going to address that elephant in the room. We're gonna talk about verbal, non-verbal communications. We mentioned that, body language and and what your body says about how you're trying to communicate. We're gonna be talking about using techniques and exercises to help us grow in our soft skills. And that's even bringing in some acting techniques. It's gonna be a lot more than that too. So Zack, you mentioned hard skills and you mentioned certifications. Is this a certification based course? I guess I should say, is there a certification, at the end of this? No, there's no certification, but you will learn techniques to help you advance in your people skills. Remember, if you are feeling that you are not the best communicator right now, you're in a silo, you don't think you can go further, you can. Anyone can grow and get better with people skills. I know why I'm excited about jumping in and being a part of this course. I can't wait to learn and grow in my career as well. Zach, why are you excited about the course? Well, I'm excited to help anyone. I'm excited to be of help to anyone. And by the way, you help me as well. And together we can become better at social and people and soft skills. All right, thanks for that, Zach. And if people skills for IT Pros is something that you are interested in, you're gonna wanna stay tuned. Thank you for watching IT Pro TV.

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