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This course is for anyone wanting to learn how to write PowerShell scripts to automate tasks. We will start with the basics, getting PowerShell installed and configured. Then we will cover basic PowerShell scripting concepts and various PowerShell statements make up the foundational knowledge needed to write PowerShell scripts. After this we will apply the skills you've learned in some practical applications.
PowerShell Skills Overview
PowerShell scripting is an amazing way to automate tasks. In this episode, we will provide a course overview, introduce learners to the course, and provide course expectations.
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You're watching IT pro Tv. [BLANK_AUDIO] Hey everybody welcome to PowerShell, I'm Mike Rodrick, entertainer here at IT Pro TV. And I've been working with PowerShell since, gosh, since it was released, since it was known as project manager, right? So way back when, quite some time, it's gone through a lot of exciting changes. Now, this course is really designed to teach you about PowerShell and hopefully how you can get started in writing PowerShell scripts. The cool thing about it is there's no prerequisite knowledge. We're gonna start from the very beginning with installing and configuring and then kind of work our way through learning Power Shell and writing scripts. And hopefully in the end you'll be able to take this skill set and maybe start automating some of those tasks that you do at work. Performing bulk operations using PowerShell for administration tasks, all right? Now, the way we've laid this course out, kind of divided it up into three domains, if you will. That first domain is PowerShell basics. And this is where we're gonna talk about the basics, right? What is PowerShell? How do I get it installed? How do I figure out what version I'm using? What are some of the basic configurations I need to do in order to be efficient and work with PowerShell? And then we get into that second domain and this is gonna be our scripting basics. Here we're gonna cover some basic scripting concepts like for loops and if statements, right? And equality operators in comparison operators. And these are concepts that are used, that all scripting languages share but we want to take a look at it from a PowerShell perspective, how do you write an if statement in PowerShell, right? How do you assign values to variables in PoweShell? How do you create arrays in PowerShell, right? So that's scripting concepts that are familiar across all languages but specific to PowerShell. And then that third domain is gonna be our practical examples, and this is hopefully gonna be a work in progress. We're gonna have some episodes in here in that third domain where we take it a step further. We look at a little more practical use of a four loop for example or an if statement and some more advanced scripting concepts like prompting for user input, all right? And hopefully as I said, this will be a work in progress cuz if I, I'd like to hear from you guys out there and if there's a concept that you'd like covered, that you would like explored a little more, something you're having trouble with. Love to hear from you, maybe we can create an episode about it and put it in our library, so reach out to me and let me know, all right? So I'm really excited about doing this show. I love PowerShell, hopefully my passion will come through in our episodes. I love writing scripts. I love trying to figure out ways that I can automate things using PowerShell. It's just a passion of mine. And again we really designed this course with varied skill sets in mind. So hopefully everybody out there will find something useful in this course. If you're new to PowerShell, like I said, started with the basics. If you're familiar with PowerShell, but you're new to the scripting concept, we'll start at that scripting basics area. If you're familiar with scripting, you've done it before, but you just want to maybe take it to the next level or brush up on some certain areas, then jump into that third domain and take a look at those practical scripting examples. So I hope you guys are ready for this, let's get started and dive into the world of PowerShell. Thank you for watching IT Pro TV. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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  • PowerShell Basics
  • Scripting Basics
  • Practical Scripting
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