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Scrum is the number one Agile project methodology in the world for a good reason. It is simple yet effective in its production of valuable products and services in a speedy and efficient manner.  This course will prepare you for the Professional Scrum Master-1 exam, you will learn about the basic principles, events and artifacts that make up the Scrum framework, and see how Scrum looks in action. You will cover the Sprint and how it produces a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in 30 days or less.
Professional Scrum Master Overview
Chris and Lauren give an overview of this course.
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WEBVTT Welcome to Professional Scrum Master. I'm your host, Lauren Deal, asking all the questions that you may have at home of Chris Ward. So welcome to the show, Chris. What are we going to be talking about in this Scrum Master course? Well, again, like you said, it's a professional Scrum Master, which comes from Remember, this is different than the certified Scrum Master, which comes out of Scrum Alliance. Why are there two different ones? Actually, we'll talk about it in the series. Kind of break that down and why you have the two different types of certifications. The good news is for the most part, they are very similar and they really showcase what it's like to be a Scrum Master. And it's a great way to be certified and show your organization that, hey, you know and understand these things. We understand what sprints are. We understand what the daily standup is. We understand what all these things are. The Scrum and everything. So what we'd like to do is just invite you to join us as we go through the information necessary to help prepare you to pass Professional Scrum Master Level 1, which is the very introductory level that we have right here. We're going to be talking about things like the history of Scrum and where it came from and also a little bit of why are there two certifications. We're also going to be talking about how to work effectively within the Scrum framework, as well as how to lead your team. What does it look like with having the certain roles of things like product owner, developers, and of course the name of the game, which is the Scrum Master. And so learn a lot about the basics of these things. We're going to be talking about things like what are the artifacts of Scrum? What are basically the events of Scrum? So at that basic level, that fundamental level, you will be willing and ready, raring to go to maybe start your own Scrum team. So that's the goal of this. Get you certified, teach you some good real world tips and tricks with myself and Lauren, excited to have everybody with us. Okay, so Chris, I have to say I'm very invested in this myself. I'm going to be learning along with you. Remember that all of the resources and the notes that you need are in the show notes. I'll be following along with you because I would like to get the certification at the end of this as well. And Chris, what do you say we jump into our first episode and get started? I think that's a great idea because I know everybody's going, "Why in the heck are there two different certifications?" Well, we're going to find out. Oh, all right. Well, I'm excited to learn with you. So what do you say? We'll meet you in the first one.

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  • Working Effectively within the Scrum Framework
  • Leading Your Scrum Team Effectively
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