Project Management Professional Prep - 2021


Thinking of taking the latest PMP exam? This course is custom designed to help you prepare for the latest edition of the Project Management Professional exam released in 2021. Learn the Domains, Tasks, and Enablers for both Predictive and Agile projects to help you be successful.
Project Management Professional Prep - 2021 Overview
In this course overview, Chris talks about what this series of episodes will cover and what the PMP Exam is all about.
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You're watching ITPROTV. [MUSIC] Well it is 2021 as we record this brand new PMP preparation course. I'm Chris Ward and thank you for joining us here at ITPROTV. Where the pros go to learn, about not only IT but also about things like project management. And IT service management in this course, is of course all about how we can get you ready for that project management professional exam, that is offered by PMI, the Project Management Institute. So just to kind of get it started off a little bit and kind of give you background about what is it that you can expect, over the next umpteen episodes of this course. First off, the fact is is the reason why we're doing this is because there is a brand new exam out there, starting in January 1st, 2021. Actually I think it was on the second, because that was probably a Monday. The PMP exam updated, and this is not just one of the little small updates where they change a few of the process names or maybe add a knowledge area or move some things around. This is actually a fairly large update. And so part of the reason, is because PMI conducted what is known as a global practice analysis or GPA. And they found a lot of these areas, in project management today are unaddressed. More importantly I would say they took a look and said, we don't really talk about Agile, at all as a project management methodology, and it is huge especially in the world of IT. One of the nice things that you're gonna find, is we're going to have a couple of a, I would say it occasionally some special guests, that actually work in the world of IT. The do projects, so work in the world IT, there we go. They also do projects and they understand the agile and scrum, mindsets. So some of that is going to be very important because, when they did the job task analysis there at PMI, they said, hey, we really need to cover these areas. There's a lot more going on in the world of software development and application development, services and IT. Now hey, we still build bridges, we still build homes, we still do those things in manufacturing, in other areas that are also projects, so predictive or waterfall. Project management, is still out there and it's still on the test. We will talk about in our very first episode Zac and I, a little bit about what you can expect on the examine issues like that. But it has significantly changed, and that's why if you just go in and think, they've just changed a few things. I'm going to grab my pin bach guide, the sixth edition, the Project management body of knowledge, that's the guy that we're talking about, and I'll just read through it. Maybe take a couple of practice exams and go take that exam. You will be sorely disappointed with the results. I can almost guarantee that. So, instead what we are going to do is, we are going to cover all the new changes that are in the exam. We are still going to cover the content, and the vocabulary, and kind of more of project management terminology that you need to know. But the actual exam is we're gonna see in our very first episode, deals now with three domains. And so we're going to find out how they're going to take those domains, break them down into both. I would say a 50/50 split of your agile, you're predictive. And how do we take those two and say how do we respond in one way or how would you respond in a different way? We're gonna learn all about that in the upcoming episodes here, in the PPMP exam preparation course for 2021. I'm Chris Ward and, we'll see you through this series. Thank you for watching ITPROTV.

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  • Introducing Agile
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