SC-300: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator


Join Charles and Sophia as they prepare you for the SC-300 exam, Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator. Throughout this course, you'll gain a deep understanding of implementing and managing identity and access in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), planning and designing an identity strategy, implementing and managing hybrid identities, and managing application access, data governance, and protection in Microsoft 365.
SC-300: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator Overview
Join Charles and Sophia as they guide you through the content covered in this SC-300 course.
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WEBVTT Welcome and thanks for joining us for this overview for the module Plan and Implement Identity Governance. This is a Microsoft, I guess a Microsoft Intra focused module so if you're not familiar with that, you might want to double check and get up to speed on that, or you might be in the wrong place. I'm Sophie Goben, I'll be your host and your learner advocate for this course, asking questions along the way as we go, to hopefully help you learn a little bit better at home. Of course, Mr. Charles Pluta is going to be walking us through all of this information and teaching us what we need to know. Charles, could you tell us a little about yourself? Yeah, thanks Sophie. Hey everyone, my name is Charles Pluta, I'm a Microsoft Certified Trainer. I've been doing this for quite a while, happy to go through various governance topics around Microsoft Intra so that we can help you out in whether you're trying to pass the exam, or whether you just need to learn more about managing the various identities and things in your environment. Right, so skills-based course, so maybe you're watching and hoping to just learn a little bit of something about Microsoft Intra, maybe you are looking to take some kind of an exam, who knows, not me, but either way, we're glad to have you here. And let's maybe give the folks a little heads up as to what we're going to be learning in this course. Yeah, so this module specifically is focused on kind of the governance of identities. So not the creation of accounts or service principles or anything like that, but what are the extra things that these accounts or applications or resources in our identity environment kind of need to have to be successful, especially when we're thinking at scale managing hundreds or thousands of users, contractors, things like that. So one of the main topics we'll get into is around entitlement management. So this is how you could create like access packages, do access reviews, kind of plan out how a person would request access, how would they would get access to those resources, and be able to plan out kind of that identity scenario. Okay, gotcha. So it does sound like maybe there are some things we're gonna be going over in this course that it might be helpful to kind of be familiar with some stuff beforehand. So really, who is this course for? What kind of knowledge level should we have going into this? Yeah, this is probably at least level 200. We're gonna assume that you've already kind of created users, you've already maybe been managing intro for a little bit. Most of the things in this are like additional licenses too, or they're not just included in some of the base licensing. So this is probably a more sophisticated environment where you have the budget for these licenses and the use case because your organization is so big. Okay, so sophistication is really, that's gonna be the word, I'm just kidding. So it's good to know kind of what we can expect and what kind of knowledge level we should have going into this. If you're not up to speed on those things, it might just be a little bit of extra work along the way, but either way, we're happy to have you here. And I think that's gonna do it for this overview. So thanks for giving us a heads up as to what we can expect in this module. And thanks for joining us for this overview and we'll see you in the course. (upbeat music)

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  • Course Overview
  • Implement and Manage User Identities
  • Implement Authentication and Access Management
  • Plan and Implement Workload Identities
  • Plan and Implement Identity Governance
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