Securing Hosts, Network, and the Edge in AWS


Sophie Goodwin and Jill West. Jill, the subject matter expert, discusses her background in education and IT, as well as her certifications. The target audience for the course is described as individuals with CompTIA trifecta knowledge and experience in IT security, specifically designing and implementing security solutions. The course will cover securing hosts, network, and the edge in AWS, with each topic broken down into overview, detailed, and troubleshooting episodes.
Securing Hosts, Network, and the Edge in AWS Overview
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WEBVTT (upbeat music) Welcome and thanks for joining us for the overview to this course, Securing Hosts, Network, and the Edge in AWS. I'm gonna be your host for this course, Sophie Goodwin. You may have seen me hosting other security focused courses on the website, including a course on intro to AWS cloud pen testing. So I'm coming in with a little bit of background knowledge. I'm also certified in cybersecurity. That's a certification from ISC squared. So you're in really good hands here, but I'm not gonna be the one teaching the course. I will be hosting asking questions along the way that you might have at home. And the teacher or subject matter expert for this course is gonna be Jill West standing next to me. How are you, Jill? - Congrats on your certification. That's exciting. - Thank you, very exciting. Hopefully the first of many. - Right. - Jill has several, I'm sure. Tell us a little bit about yourself. - So my name is Jill West. I do some teaching. So I teach at a technical college in Georgia. I'm also working on my second master's degree as we speak. But my background is actually in education. So I've done a lot of teaching in a lot of different environments, using different types of teaching models, and now working on that IT degree as well to go along with that. So about 12 years ago, I started working on writing IT content for Cengage in textbooks. We started with the CompTIA A plus, and I've been writing that for several years. And then I switched over to CompTIA Network plus. I've now taken that one over completely. And then about six years ago, I got to add the CompTIA Cloud Plus to the lineup. So this is where this beautiful book comes in right here, all about CompTIA Cloud Plus. This is actually the second edition. The first edition came out, I think about three, four years ago. So now we're on the second edition, already starting to talk about the third. So making progress with that one. Certifications, I have almost all of the CompTIA certifications. I've been working on that, knocked off several of them just in the past year. I've got a few Microsoft certifications, and I have three of the AWS certifications already working on the next one. So it's just been a lot of fun. I get to teach it, I get to learn it, I get to teach it here, I get to write about it. I'm just really excited about, not just IT, but specifically Cloud, because that one is transforming the way we teach IT. It's transforming the way we do IT, which means now we in the education industry, especially at higher ed, we're having to rethink what we're teaching and how we're teaching it to start incorporating Cloud into everything. So this is really an exciting time to be teaching in IT. - Sounds like you are passionate about Cloud and all those advances you made there. - Oh yeah, you've been so much fun with it. - Absolutely, and so who better to teach this course, because we're gonna be talking about securing hosts, network, and the edge in AWS, and that's all Cloud stuff. So what would you say is the target audience for this course, or what should we be looking to get out of this course? - Yeah, so people taking this course, I think you would want to make sure you have already the CompTIA trifecta level of knowledge. So that would be A plus, network plus, security plus, not necessarily having the certifications, but having that level of knowledge. If you're still learning the initial concepts in security, you're probably going to struggle with this content. You probably even want to have reached a level beyond security plus. So maybe you've earned another CompTIA security certification like CYSA plus or Pentest plus. AWS says that you should have at least five years of IT security experience, not just IT experience, but specifically in security, where you've been designing and implementing security solutions, and then two plus years of hands-on experience working with securing AWS workloads. So it's not from the time that you created your first test account, and you just started poking around and you learned what EC2 is. So two years or more of actually securing workloads in AWS would let you come in and work with this information that we'll be covering in this module. - So in this module, we're going to be covering a couple of different areas of security in AWS. We'll talk about hosts, network, and the edge. So what is the core structure going to look like? - So this module is more about infrastructure and securing your infrastructure underneath. So you have your networking, you have your compute instances and your containers and your functions, and then you have stuff that's running at the edge. And how do you keep all of that safe? So we structured this in those three main topic areas. So each of these portions, we've got host security, we have network security, and then we have edge security. And within each of those portions, we have an overview episode where we kind of get you introduced to the information. We have two or three episodes in the middle that dig into more of the details. And then we have a troubleshooting episode at the end of each of those portions, the three portions within the module. And so this will be digging into how do we secure our hosts and what security services do we have available to us? How do we secure our networking spaces? How do we segment within the AWS networking space? And then how do we work with the edge? What is the edge? And how do we keep it safe as we're putting things out to where our users are? So it's a lot of information in this module that will really resonate for those of us that are used to working on-prem and working with security in that location. - So a lot of information is concerning security, but it sounds like it's kind of broken down into pieces for us so we can take it one third, I guess, at a time for those three different topics. So I'm looking forward to getting into this. I feel pretty prepared, pretty confident going into this. - You're gonna do great. - Oh, I'm excited. Yeah, I'm thrilled. So thank you for walking us through this Jill. And thank you for joining us for this overviews for securing hosts, network, and the edge in AWS. We'll see you in the course. (upbeat music)

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