Security Architecture and Engineering


Security Architecture and Engineering is a comprehensive course delving into essential principles and practices of cybersecurity. Participants will explore the fundamentals of secure design, ranging from security models and the selection of appropriate security controls to the identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities. The course also encompasses cryptographic solutions and explore related attacks, as well as secure facility and site design considerations. The learner will also gain insights into managing information systems across their lifecycle, ensuring robust security throughout. This course is ideal for individuals seeking a solid foundation in the strategic and technical aspects of cybersecurity architecture and engineering.
Security Architecture and Engineering Overview
In this overview, we'll introduce the subject of security architecture and engineering, and give you a glimpse into the knowledge and skills this course will provide.
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WEBVTT (upbeat music) Welcome and thanks for joining us for this overview for the course on security architecture and engineering. I'm Sophie Goodwin and I'll be one of your hosts for this course. You might see other people in this chair as well, depending on the episode, but whoever's in this chair is gonna be functioning as a learner advocate for you, asking questions along the way that you might have at home and hopefully helping you in your learning journey. I sound like chat GBT. But over to my right, I've got Mr. Daniel Lowry. He's gonna be our subject matter expert for this course and teaching us all that we need to know. Daniel, I would love to know a little about you. - Oh yeah, for sure. Well, I am a chat GTP avatar. - Yes, you are, AI generator. - Oh no, I've been doing IT for a while, but if I'm doing the math correct here, I think we're in around 23-ish years. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it again, I started my IT career in 98. - Oh, so longer than I've been alive. - I'm horrible at math. I took a hiatus, I think, there for a minute and did some other stuff. Yeah, my first IT job was in 98. And then I've recently been focusing for the last about eight years on cybersecurity specifically. I've got industry certs and experience in things like blue teaming, defensive mechanisms, as well as security fundamentals, incident response, forensics, as well as even the red team side of things, offensive security, pen testing, vulnerability assessment, you name it. I've probably done a bit of it when it comes to security. - Like I'm looking at Brian Johnson's cybersecurity lunch bag. All the group groups are represented. - That's right. - So good to know that we've got somebody here that's pretty experienced, pretty credentialed in this area to kind of walk us through what it is that we're gonna be learning in this course. And well, since I brought it up, what are we gonna be learning in this course? - Oh, a wide variety of different topics. I had to actually bring up the topic list so that we can kind of hit some of those highlights. We're gonna go over things like secure design principles, security model fundamentals, which are very important for us, as well as, let's see here, information system security capabilities, what can happen in there, evaluate and mitigate security vulnerabilities. That's a nice topic for you. It's gonna be very helpful in real life land. We've got cryptographic solutions we're gonna cover, as well as attacks to crypto systems. I'll say it that way because that word is difficult. A lot of fun to say though, if you can get it out. We got secure facility and site design principles. So when you're building those sites, what do you do to keep those secure, as well as the information system lifecycle management? That's another big deal. - Those crypt analytic attacks. It's almost as fun to say as it is to learn. You'll just have to watch the course to find out more about that. Now, before we do jump into the course, I wanna wrap up this overview by just asking you, this is gonna be, it's obviously cybersecurity topics, but cybersecurity is a pretty broad term. What level should we be at if we're gonna be watching this stuff? Is it, if we're a beginner, is that cool? Should we maybe have a little more experience going into this? - Yeah, good news for those of you that are watching out there. This course is very wide and broad, but it's not very deep. So if you are familiar with computer systems, you literally could be a total noob at this. And that's totally fine. And you're like, you know what? I wanna learn a little bit more about security. You could definitely jump into this course and watch. But if you do have a bit of fundamentals under your belt, you'll still probably learn a thing or two about a thing or two. So anybody that's new to security, but not necessarily new to technology in general, should have a decent time with this. - That's good to know. I've been noticed a couple of years I've been learning from you and others in the last couple of years, but even so, I am still kind of a noob in some of these topics, especially when we get into the crypto type stuff. It's all new to me. - We all start there. - We all start somewhere, right? And we only get better by learning. So hopefully that's what we're about to do. I'm looking forward to getting into this course with you, Daniel, but thanks for giving us a heads up as to what we can expect. Thank you for joining us and we will see you in the course. (upbeat music)

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10h 12m
34 Episodes

Here are the topics we'll cover

  • Course Overview
  • Secure Design Principles
  • Security Model Fundamentals
  • Systems Security Requirement-Based Controls
  • Information Systems Security Capabilities
  • Evaluate and Mitigate Security Vulnerabilities
  • Cryptographic Solutions
  • Cryptoanalytic Attacks
  • Secure Facility and Site Design Principles
  • Facility and Site Security Controls
  • Information System Life Cycle Management
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