Security Assessment Testing


In this Security Assessment Testing module, students will learn the concepts associated with strong security assessment and testing procedures followed by modern organizations today. Students will learn about the design and validation of assessment, test, and audit strategies. Students will also learn about the typical components involved in conducting security control testing. This module prepares you for the Security Assessment and Testing domain of the 2024 edition of the CISSP certification exam.
Security Assessment Testing Overview
Join Anthony and Lauren as they provide a sneak peek into what they will be imparting throughout this course.
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WEBVTT (Upbeat Music) Welcome to Security Assessment Testing. I'm your host, Lauren Deal, and I'll be your learner advocate as we go along, asking Anthony all the questions that you may have at home. So Anthony, welcome in and tell us a little bit about yourself. Sure, my name is Anthony Sequera and you will find me here in the AC library, ACI library with several different topic domains. I've been teaching cybersecurity topics for decades now. Network infrastructure topics for decades. And I'd say in the last decade, it's been a lot of cloud, of course. But yeah, we're going to be mentioning those topics, those other topics that I teach in this module because they're certainly relevant. But as Lauren said, this is gonna be an exciting module when it comes to security assessment testing and getting you ready in this area. I love this because I'll be following along, learning along with you. What are some things that we can anticipate in this module? Yeah, one of the things that we're really gonna discuss with our students, I think that's gonna help them tremendously is step-by-step advice on the different types of tests that can and should be done in business environments and pitfalls and things to watch out for when it comes to designing tests. And we'll very quickly learn that not all tests are created equal. So we're gonna look at the different ways we can go about verifying our security infrastructure is doing its job. There's a lot of great content in this. And so I'm excited to jump in, but I have a novice or basic understanding about cybersecurity and just security in general. Are there any prerequisites that I should be aware of? No, you're gonna be just fine, really. I think this is a module that, I mean, certainly the more experience you have with cybersecurity topics, the better, but we are gonna very much treat this topic from the ground up. And we will not presume a whole bunch of cybersecurity knowledge as a prereq. I love that. All right, so I feel excited. Are you excited too, Anthony? I'm ready, I'm excited. Well, I know that you at home are feeling the same way. So what do you say we jump into our first episode? (Upbeat Music)

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