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In this series, we take a look what version control is as well as the use of version control when creating software. After an overview of various software
Version Control Overview
In this series, we take a look what version control is as well as the use of version control when creating software. After an overview of various version control systems, Justin dives into the use of git and GitHub to manage projects. Justin pays particular attention to the version control system and less on the programming portion for the first part. He explores creating a git repository, cloning repositories from GitHub, committing changes to a repository, using branches, collaborating with git, and more. If you are looking to get started with version control, specifically git, then join us there.
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[MUSIC] Hello and thank you for watching DevProTV. We're talking about version control with Justin Dennison. Justin, good to see you. Can you tell us a little bit about version control? So the main goal of version control, and this is one of those idols that may lead you astray so I'm going to set you straight right now. We're first going to look at some other version control systems, kind of a survey initially, but then we're going to choose Git. GIT, as our version control system to kind of utilize and work through and see how it comes into play, so we're gonna install git, we're gonna set it up and configure it locally on a machine, we're also gonna great a GitHub account, and there are alternatives to that but we've just chosen GitHub because it's something I know and ti's still very relevant and then we're gonna learn about, well, how do I create a Git repo? How do I commit changes or add things to a repo? How do I collaborate? What are effective practices? How does this all work in software, and does it have to be just software? And some of it is ultimately up to you, those decisions. But will talk about those at length And who is this show targeted towards? So this is someone who is maybe is like I know a little bit about a version control or I have never heard a control, what are you talking about before what are the possible options, I wanna get started right, I'm trying to break in to programing and I've heard a lot that I need to know Version Control Systems. And so we teach you one but along with practices kind of map over. So used to get you start, get you comfortable with employing Version Control Practices. Now is there a certification available for this course? There is not a certification available for this course. This is about leveling up your skills. Getting comfortable with a new tool and a new set of practices.B That allow you to, number one, keep track of things that you've done. But also collaborate with other individuals. And I've chosen Git, because it seems to be the more pervasive of the technologies at current time. That doesn't mean that you will encounter other ones. But, you know, as I said before, those ideas and practices and skills kind of map over fairly easily. Now, you've already touched on it, so what topics are covered? So, initialization of a repo, setting up a remote repo, connecting a remote and local repos. Now, when I say repos, those ultimately end up being folders with Special structures. And then what is a branch? How do I branch? How do I collaborate? How do I collaborate with a single repost? How do I collaborate with multiple copies of repost? How do I sync changes to a remote repost on GitHub? How do I bring those changes down? How do I bring these branched back together? And what happens when things go wry? Now that's just a touch of things. There's still a lot more that I haven't talked about. The ultimate goal, is to give you a, here are the core concepts that you need to know right. And those are the things I just talked about. And then every once in a while we'll add in a little extra right, that is maybe a more advanced feature but is very applicable in the context of the situation that we're exploring. Thanks, Justin, that sounds great now if version control sounds like something you might be interested in and you should, make sure you watch all the episodes in the course library and thanks for watching DevProTV. [MUSIC]

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